At Used Mobiles 4 U we also have used iPads for sale on our site. A second hand Apple iPad is a bigger version of the iPhone and was first introduced by Apple in 2010. A used iPad for sale has the same operating system as any Apple phone. Apple iPads also have very similar hardware and software.

With a refurbished iPad UK, they are great for anyone who loves scrolling on social media, downloading apps and taking photos. The iPad is the most popular tablet on the market because of how easy they are to use.

Take a look at our used iPad for sale on our site and find the right one for you. We have a range of colours, storage and models for you to choose from.

The Apple iPad continues to revolutionize the tablet experience with every new model and generation that comes. The iPad is essentially a bigger and broader version of the iPhone with premium built. It comes with the same OS as well as hardware that are closely similar to flagship Apple devices. iPads are one of the most efficient and easy-to-use tablets that are in the market. Ever since its introduction in 2010, it remains the premium product in terms of quality tablets. Since its introduction to the market, more than 350 million units have been sold, which is way more than any other single tablet model.

However, one of the main issues with iPads is the price range (as with any other Apple product). Given its premium nature and handling, it naturally costs more than other brands that claim to provide the same specs. The higher-end price tag of iPads makes it unaffordable for many users out there on a budget. Fortunately, here at Used Mobiles 4 U, we offer the best-refurbished iPads that fit your price range, regardless of your budget. We assign relevant grades to all our iPads which allows you the luxury of options even while sticking to your budget.

At Used Mobiles 4 U, we believe that these premium products should not be out of anyone’s financial reach. This is why we ensure that our refurbished iPads get price tags that fit your purchasing capacity. Even if you have the budget to afford a brand new iPad, you’ll find that our products give you a ‘like-new’ iPad at a fraction of the cost.

A common concern among customers of refurbished gadgets is the source of these products. Furthermore, users often worry about the condition these products are in. To address these valid concerns, we make sure that our products undergo the most stringent and intensive process before they are ready.


Many people have the misconception that refurbished products are merely defective units being sold without repair. With Used mobiles 4 U, we ensure that each unit comes from reliable sources so that you get your money’s worth. New iPads are often returned by buyers who’ve had a change of heart. This is a common issue because there are newer models of tablets and iPads coming out frequently. Other times, there may be tiny dents or scratches on the surface that make it unfit for showroom sales. These tiny marks and blemishes do not affect functionality or performance. We make sure these blemishes are rectified before packaging them and testing them.


Each iPad on our virtual shelf undergoes an intensive process of refurbishment and reconditioning. This extensive process makes sure that the product is functionally as good as new. We ensure that small scratches or marks, if any, are replaced. Sometimes our technicians replace batteries if required, other times we include missing components in the box. Whatever the apparent issue with the iPad, our team of experts fixes it so that it works as good as new.

Testing and assessment

After refurbishing the iPads and restoring each feature, our products then go through a heavy testing phase. Each unit is tested in a variety of ways to make sure it lacks nothing that a functional iPad should. The testing phase detects any software or hardware issues that need rectification.  If any concern is detected, the unit undergoes the refurbishment process to make it work in an ‘almost-new’ condition.

With our iPads, you don’t have to worry about unnecessary problems or hassles. Each model and unit go through the most stringent and meticulous process of repair, refurbishment, and repackaging. This multi-pronged approach to refurbishment ensures that the products work like clockwork.







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