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Google have been quietly behind some of the most successful smartphone models and operating systems. Now, they’re extending their talents and their name to exciting, advanced handsets.

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If you’re a fan of reliable hardware and quality cameras, a Google phone must be on your list. Google Pixels, as they’re better known, run with Android OS but offer great features that are better than many other android devices. Google phones are primarily known for their exceptional camera, that still leads the market in a lot of ways. Ever since its inception back in 2016, the Google Pixel series has become better and more efficient with every subsequent release.

Despite its exceptional features, the Pixel series can go beyond the budget for a lot of people. With excellent hardware quality, the price tag naturally ends up on the higher end. Today, we’re glad to be one of the leading sellers of refurbished Google phones in the market. Our sales have been built on trustworthy products and quality renewal of used Google phones.

Many buyers of used phones often have worries about the nature and condition of the product. This, of course, is a concern for any sensible buyer who wants a good product at a reasonable price. At Used Mobiles 4 U, we put all those doubts to rest by offering renewed Google Phones that function as good as new but cost you much less.

However, this level of renewal quality does not come easy. We put a lot of energy, effort and time into ensuring that every Google phone on our list passes through premium repair and quality testing.


A common worry among used- Pixel buyers is the issue of where the products come from. To ensure that all our products come from legitimate and reliable sources, we perform strict checks of each device that comes our way. For example, the IMEA of the device is checked against existing databases to ascertain the legitimacy of the initial purchase.

Sometimes, Pixel buyers simply choose to resell their brand new handsets because they want some other model or brand. In these instances, we still consider it a used handset and grade it accordingly. This means you may get a brand new phone at partial cost. Other times, buyers return handsets that have small scratches and dents or common software issues. These are then repaired and renewed before being sold at the cheapest rates.


Each Google Pixel undergoes an extensive refurbishment process to make it virtually as good as new. The refurbishment and renewal cover every aspect of the phone. The technicians will look at everything from screen and display to software and camera. If the used phone already comes with a defect or issue, it is immediately detected and rectified. We replace any hardware components that don’t function well, and the software and OS are updated to give you the best results.

This process takes meticulous effort and energy, but it is necessary to ensure that our products perform as well as our claims. While it’s a tough task, Used Mobiles 4 U and its team of technicians are pleased to give our best in refurbishment so that you can have the best of products!

Testing and Assessment

Once our Google phones go through the refurbishment, the next step is to test and verify each operation in the device. Our Google Pixels undergo a stringent and comprehensive phase of evaluation and examination. This process covers every aspect including screen, cover, buttons, touch response, camera, headset port, charging port, battery, Wi-Fi & Bluetooth, SIM Reader, connectivity, etc. If the Pixel phone does not satisfy the testing criteria in any one of these aspects, the phone is not included in our products.

This strict and diligent inspection guarantees that no defective product makes its way to our shelves and websites. Every Google Pixel, after the test phase, is given a grade and corresponding price tag. This allows us to offer refurbished products for almost any sort of budget and buying-power.







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