Known for offering a range of affordable, high quality smartphones, Huawei provide users with the latest Android operating system housed in smart and functional handsets. Take a look through our range below.

Second Hand Huawei Phones

Second hand Huawei mobile phones have become hugely popular, so now is your chance to buy one. Huawei is a Chinese manufacturer and is a global leader in telecoms. They focus on designing mobile phones that compete with Android and Apple. Here at Used Mobiles 4 U we offer the cheapest refurbished Huawei mobile phones.

With Used Mobiles 4U, our second hand Huawei phones for sale have been refurbished to a high standard. We have made sure that they are all functioning and working to the highest standards that they can possibly be.

On our site, you will find a range of refurbished Huawei phones that range from the older Huawei models to some of the newest models. The range of refurbished Huawei mobile phones that we have is updated frequently to make sure that you are able to buy the refurbished Huawei phones that you want.

Used Mobiles 4 U offers you the best range of used Huawei phones in the market. Our range of Huawei models offers you the widest range of prices and features. We believe that, as individuals, we all have different requirements when it comes to smartphones. Whether it’s for professional or personal use, most of us have certain features in mind and a budget to stick to when we buy a phone. Used Mobiles 4 U is proud to offer its customers the best models at the most reasonable prices.

Huawei Phones are a popular choice among users who want a reliable android device with a unique interface. Used Mobiles 4 U offers you the best Huawei models but charges only a fraction of the price. Our refurbished Huawei phones go through the best repair, renewal, and testing processes. These processes ensure that you get the best products when you buy from us.

When you buy from us, we guarantee you the best possible price and model. We consider your requirements, budget, and choice to make sure that you get the model you want. All our products are graded during refurbishment and testing. This grade helps you to determine whether the pricing for a particular model is fair or not.

The Huawei phones you buy from us may be used, but they’ll perform as efficiently as a new phone. Essentially, you get the functions of a new phone but at the cost of a used phone. It’s virtually the best of both worlds!


Huawei models, just like other smartphone brands, come in a variety of series and designs. A lot of times, customers return their purchase because they decide to go for a different model. Other times, when the unit has small scratches or dents, buyers return them for replacements. Buyers often return even the tiniest of design flaws even if it doesn’t affect performance. We accept these types of units into our processing. Once we get them, each unit is fixed and refurbished so that you can buy them at throwaway prices.

Refurbishment process

Our Huawei phones undergo a very detailed refurbishment process. Here at Used Mobiles 4 U, we not only fix the apparent flaws, but we also detect subtle issues and fix them immediately. Our team rectifies even the smallest issues and ensures that you get a phone that works like it’s new. We add or replace any missing or faulty accessories. Ultimately, the fixed phone is packaged with all necessary peripheries and sold to you at the lowest possible price. By the time our technicians are done handling the phone, you won’t distinguish it from a brand new phone.

Testing and Assessment

Each Huawei phone refurbished by us undergoes a severe and stringent testing protocol. We run tests on every possible issue that can happen with a smartphone. Some of these aspects include screen condition, case condition, earpiece, buttons, mic, LCD, touch response, Wifi & Bluetooth connectivity, sim slots, battery status, current software, etc. All of these issues are normally detected and fixed during the refurbishment process. However, if any unit fails the requirements in any of these aspects, it is not put up for sale. When you shop with Used Mobiles 4 U, you can be sure that each product is bound to deliver and perform like it’s new.

We ensure that our products also get the appropriate warranty depending on its build and refurbishment. While some units come with a limited-day money-back guarantee, others can offer warranty up to a year. Whatever your requirements or doubts, Used Mobiles 4 U has a model and solution to fix it. We invite you to browse through our Huawei phone selection and check out the best prices today, buy your own cheap Huawei phone!

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