With state of the art interface and visually stunning displays, Samsung has something for everyone. From budget friendly smartphones to premium, cutting edge technology, Samsung has you covered.

Second Hand Samsung Phones

Samsung is the world’s top manufacturers of Android phones. They have invested millions in creating some of the best smartphones on the market.

With state-of-the-art interfaces and visually stunning displays, a second hand Samsung smartphone has something for everyone. The cutting-edge technology ranges from budget-friendly to premium second hand mobiles, and we can provide varying models, ensuring you’re getting the best used Samsung phones.

At Used Mobile 4U, the Samsung phones for sale are used and refurbished to ensure exceptional quality regardless of the model. The refurbished Samsung phones have been tested and graded to make sure that you know what you are looking at. The second hand Samsung phones that we currently have to offer range from Grade A to Grade C. This all depends on what condition the phone is in, so it then can be priced moderately. So if you are looking for a second hand Samsung phone in top condition or one with minor scratches or scuffs, then we have the phone for you.

Take a look at the Samsung phones for sale and find the best one for you. We have a range of colours and storage capacities for you to choose from.

Samsung is the number one industry-leading manufacturer of smartphones today. Their products come with a range of features and reliability that essentially market themselves. The South Korean Tech giant invests millions in developing new models and designs. This effort can be seen in the continuous innovation and novel products Samsung provides.

Refurbished Samsung phones work almost better than new products from some of the other brands. With a user-friendly interface and astonishing display, Samsung phones give you the bang for your buck! And with the full range of models and versions we offer, you can be sure that there’s one that fits your requirements. Used Mobiles 4 U is proud to provide you with our excellent stock of Samsung phones, some of which come at throwaway prices. While the prices are dirt cheap compared to new units, our refurbished Samsung phones run as smooth as a brand new unit.

At Used Mobiles 4 U, we believe that Samsung’s hand devices should be in everyone’s reach. Whether you require a heavy-feature smartphone or a simpler phone, we have a product for you. And money is not a concern for our customers because of the dirt-cheap rates at which we give away our products. When you buy from us, you not only get a fully functional phone, you save money on the effort. With our variety and prices, it’s genuinely the best of both worlds: get your own cheap Samsung phone now!


We collect and mobilize Samsung phones from the most reliable sources. For example, we run a detailed background check of each model by looking up the IMEA of the product. This ensures that the phones aren’t from questionable sources. A lot of times, buyers simply have a change of heart after purchasing a particular model. These buyers who want to try a different model often resell their phones. There are also cases where customers return certain Samsung phones because of tiny scratches or small dents on the case. These issues do not affect the performance of the Samsung phones, and they are easily fixed. But since the phone has been bought once, it counts as a ‘used’ model. These are instances of how you can get the best phones at dirt cheap rates when you get in touch with us.


As mentioned here, all of our used and cheap Samsung phones come from the most reliable sources. This means that any issues with the units are also easily detected. As the products go through the refurbishment process, our technicians fix every issue that arises from one product. These fixed aspects are later tested with all the other features so that they reach you in fine working condition. If a particular Samsung phone comes with display issues, for example, we replace the LCD and display panel for optimum performance. Regardless of what problem a used phone may have, we have a workable solution to make it ‘almost-new.’

Testing and Assessment

Our Samsung phones have the most reliable performance because of the intensive testing they go through. We have a technical team that is fully dedicated to testing and quality assessment. They ensure that your Samsung phone is fully functional, responsive, and efficient. The team takes the device through a number of scenarios and tests to make sure that every aspect works well. This process includes screen condition, case/cover, touch response, camera, SIM reader, battery, display, LCD, Wi-Fi & Bluetooth, headset ports, connectivity, etc. If a particular refurbished unit fails to qualify in any of these tests, that product is not put up for sale. This ensures that whatever is on our website and shelves, are the best among many products.

At Used Mobiles 4 U, we pride ourselves on the comprehensive refurbishment and renewal process of our products. We believe that this quality of refurbished products should be available to one and all. Hence, we offer a graded price range on all products so that there’s an affordable model for everyone with our refurbished Samsung mobile phones.

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