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Are refurbished iPhones slow?


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As a company that specialises in selling used and refurbished mobile phones, we often hear concerns from our customers about the speed of refurbished iPhones. It’s a valid question, as no one wants to invest in a device that will slow them down or frustrate them with laggy performance. In this blog post, we aim to address this concern and shed some light on the speed of refurbished iPhones.

Understanding the refurbishment process

Before we delve into the speed aspect, it’s essential to understand the refurbishment process. At Used Mobiles 4 U, we have a stringent refurbishment process in place to ensure that all the devices we sell are of the highest quality. Our team of experts thoroughly inspects, tests, and repairs each iPhone to ensure it is in excellent working condition.

During the refurbishment process, any faulty or outdated components are replaced with genuine parts. The software is updated to the latest version, ensuring optimal performance and compatibility. Additionally, the devices are cleaned inside out, making them look and feel like new. The final product is graded based on its newly repaired condition – you can read our guide to gain the best understanding of refurbished grades.

So, are refurbished iPhones slow?

Now, let’s address the main concern – are refurbished iPhones slow? The simple answer is no. When properly refurbished, an iPhone will operate just as fast as a brand new one. In fact, many of our customers have reported that they can hardly tell the difference between a refurbished iPhone and a new one when it comes to performance.

Refurbished iPhones go through rigorous testing to ensure they meet the highest standards. Our team at Used Mobiles 4 U checks the performance of each device thoroughly before it is put up for sale. We test the speed and responsiveness of the iPhone, ensuring that it performs at its best.

One common misconception is that the age of the iPhone affects its speed. While it’s true that older models may not have the latest hardware specifications, our refurbishment process ensures that the device is optimised for its specific hardware capabilities. We update the software to the latest compatible version, which further enhances the performance of the device.

In addition, the replacement of faulty or outdated components during the refurbishment process can actually improve the speed of the iPhone. For example, if the battery was worn out in the original device, we replace it with a new one, which can result in better battery life and improved performance.

It’s also worth mentioning that the speed of an iPhone is not solely determined by its hardware components. The software optimisation plays a crucial role as well. Apple’s iOS is known for its efficiency and smooth performance, and refurbished iPhones benefit from these optimisations just like new devices do.

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At Used Mobiles 4 U, you are guaranteed to receive a second hand phone that is fully functional to factory standards.

Another plus point is that we sell second hand phones that are thoroughly tested and working, ready to be used.


21 May 2023

This company took time to offer considered selection of phones against my needs. We ordered a phone Sunday, delivered Tuesday, described as like new, and it was. Price highly competitive. No reservations at all.


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What can I say? These guys have been above and beyond in helping solve a situation with my daughters mobile. I would happily purchase any mobile through them as their customer service is exemplary.


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Great service, well designed site with excellent information on each phone. Phone arrived quickly in great shape, and there was no problem.