Guide to Refurbished Phones

Guide to refurbished phones

Many consumers may be weary of buying refurbished phones as they are previously owned, but it is a great way to cut the cost and stay up to date with current tech. We developed this helpful guide to answer some of the most commonly asked questions that our customers have about buying a refurbished phone. We aim to refute some of the mysteries that surround our phones and, hopefully, convert you to the cost effective world of buying refurbished phones.

What exactly is a refurbished phone?

In short, a refurbished phone is a mobile that has been returned or traded in. Refurbished phones are rigorously tested and repaired (when necessary), before being graded and resold.

Now this may sound like a standard, second hand phone. However, in more depth, refurbished phones are liable to strict quality control policies that ensure that they are always above a certain level of quality. As well as being more cost effective and environmentally friendlier than their newer counterparts, refurbished mobiles actually go through higher scrutiny and quality control than factory fresh phones. After all, in direct contrast to freshly manufactured mobiles, it’s all about quality, not quantity.

At Used Mobiles 4U, we may use the terms ‘second hand’, ‘pre-owned’ or ‘used’, but be assured that every mobile that we talk about has been subjected to our rigorous testing.

But moving on from the boring stuff, let’s look at the reasons why you should invest in a refurbished smartphone.

So, what are the pros and cons of buying a refurbished phone?

As with everything, there are both pros and cons to buying a refurbished phone. So, to make things easier, we’ve listed them below.


It’s Cheaper

First and foremost, buying a refurbished phone over a factory fresh phone is cheaper. Refurbished phones, on average, cost 15-30% less than a brand new phone. There is also no potential effects on your credit score as it is one off payment.


Refurbished handsets are also contract free. There are no impact on your credit rating and no paper to sign. Reconditioned phones are also likely to work out more cost effective overall, compared to the average 2 year phone deal offered to you by leading providers. Although, some network providers may offer refurbished phone offers, but more often than not, these are not worthwhile.

Unlocked to all networks

We have the option to have a refurbished phone that is completely unlocked to all providers and networks. Although we do offer reconditioned phones that are locked to specific networks at a cheaper price, you have the choice  and flexibility to have an unlocked phone that can accommodate any sim upgrades or more cost effective contract changes.

You’re not tied down

In such a fast paced and particularly competitive market like smartphones, it can feel like you’re always just missing out on the latest upgrade. With a refurbished phone, you’re not tied into a contract for 12-24 months, and you are free to change and upgrade your phone when it suits you.

Environmentally friendly

This may go without saying, but when you buy a reconditioned phone over a factory fresh handset, you’re choosing to recycle. Rather than breaking mobile phones down to recycle their parts, it is more environmentally friendly to rehome them. Reducing your carbon footprint and getting a new phone, sounds like a good deal to us!


Not brand new

The clue is in the name ‘refurbished’. Our phones are not fresh out of the box. You may be missing out on euphoria of unboxing and peeling a brand new handset from it’s factory packaging. Although our phones will arrived to you packaged, you will be missing out on the fun of rifling through the accessories and instructions that come with a brand new model.

Cosmetic damage

As with anything that has been handled, there will be some evidence of general wear and tear. You can be assured that we have stringent and strict criteria for our phones, so that you will always receive exactly what you expect. All of our customers are advised that their new handset may have the odd mark or sign that their phone has been previously handled, like a nick or slight blemish in the casing.

When buying a refurbished or second hand phone from anywhere, we always advise that you do your research and only purchase handsets from reputable and distinguished businesses.

Why buy a refurbished phone

After reading through the pros and cons and all of the information, why should you buy a phone from us? As we’ve mentioned, you should only take the plunge and buy a refurbished handset from reputable dealers. We are completely transparent with our customers, and we will always ensure that you are fully informed before you commit to purchasing from us. Below, we have listed just a few reasons why our customers are always satisfied when they buy a handset from us.

We test all of our phones

Whenever you receive a refurbished from Used Mobiles 4U, you can be sure that it has passed our stringent and rigorous testing process. Every handset is guaranteed to work at 100% capacity, or we wouldn’t sell it.

If, after your purchase your phone, something goes wrong or needs to be repaired, we will replace it. Your handset is sure to be long lasting and hard wearing, but if it falters, we’re on hand to restore it to its former glory.

All of our mobiles are graded

Once a handset has passed our meticulous testing, they will be graded for sale. Our grading system is concerned with the cosmetic wear and tear and overall appearance of the mobile, rather than the functionality. This means that no matter the grade, all of our phones operate at factory standard.


All of our handsets come with a 12 month warranty that covers both hardware and software malfunctions. This comes as standard, and at no extra cost to our customers. This does not cover Water damage, broken screens, damage to casing, issuing relating to viruses.

Our top tips for choosing a refurbished mobile phone

Hopefully, we’ve convinced you to take the plunge and buy a refurbished phone! If so, here are a few of our top tips for choosing the right handset for you.

Research is key

What is important to you? Your mobile phone is an investment, so you should be sure that it can do exactly what you need it to do. Whether it’s battery life and operating system that’s important, or you just want the very latest model, iOS or Android, we’re guaranteed to have something to fit your needs.

It is also vital that you research the retailer you are buying from. Do they have positive reviews and a social media presence? Are the quick to reply to their previous customers and do they offer a standard warranty or are all sales final? All of these indicators will help you to understand the company that you are potentially buying from.

Put it through its paces

Whether you buy from us or not, we advise that you avoid companies that do not offer warranty periods or operate on an ‘all sales final’ basis. You can never be sure how a mobile will fit until you’ve tried it, so when you choose a handset, make sure to put it through its paces and do some stress-testing.

Is your handset everything you’d hope for? Will it stand up to those days when you’re never away from the screen? You need to find out how your chosen phone will withstand your lifestyle and how it will cope with what you require it to withstand on a daily basis. This test period will give you a good idea of the handset’s limitations.

So, with all of that said, and all of your research done, now comes the fun part; buying your new refurbished phone! Head over to our shop section and have a browse of the refurbished mobile phones that we currently have in stock. Order before 3pm for free next day delivery.

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