Huawei P20 Lite Review

Much the same as those other mid-gadgets, Huawei’s phone endeavours to stream down a tad bit of the panache and glamour from higher up the range. Regardless of its lower sticker price, the P20 Lite holds the popular edge-to-edge show and particular indent of its older self.

Add to that an Android 8.0, dual focal point camera, and a quick unique finger impression scanner; the Huawei P20 Lite begins to look a ton like a middleweight contender for the new edge-to-edge age.

While it’s a substantial exertion from one of the world’s most celebrated makers, however, there are a couple of eminent shortages that may make you question whether it offers some incentive for cash.

A smart all-screen look

You could state that the fundamental motivation behind any ‘Light’ phone is to give a harsh estimation of the leader at an increasingly available cost point. It should be promptly identifiable as a major aspect of the family, yet shrewd about where it compromises to come in under spending plan.

Generally, the Huawei P20 Lite meets that brief with a decent measure of style. Style is the employable word here. Each of the three P20 phones speaks to a planned takeoff for the Chinese brand after the savvy but-dull Huawei P10.

Much the same as the remainder of the smartphone world, Huawei has changed to an all-screen plan reasoning. The P20 Lite has a moderately little jaw, negligible side bezels, and a cut-out indent at the highest point of the showcase containing the front camera and earpiece.

With regards to the outstanding obligation it owes to the iPhone X (more on which in the following area), the Huawei P20 Lite can utilize the camera sensors put away in that indent to peruse your face and open your phone.

While Face Unlock appears to work rapidly and precisely (even in dull pitch conditions, not at all like other Face ID wannabes), it doesn’t seem to be as cutting edge or secure as Apple’s answer.

As proof of this, Face Unlock is turned off as a matter of course, and you need to angle through the menus to physically switch it on. How it filters your face in a split second in the set-up stages additionally recommends that it isn’t genuinely acquiring a nitty-gritty 3D guide of your face like Face ID.

In any case, there’s no denying Huawei’s answer works rapidly to open the phone. Set the P20 Lite to wake when you lift it, and you won’t need to consider opening it by any means. If you’re utilizing the phone for business utilization, or wish to guarantee the most extreme degrees of security, you should need to stay with the default unique finger impression sensor.


As we’ve just referenced, Huawei has adopted a crisp strategy to plan with the P20 family. It’s not hard to recognize the proceeded with impact Apple has over the maker’s work, however.

Much the same as its siblings, the Huawei P20 Lite is in thrall to the iPhone X. It has a fundamentally the same as impression and shape, and obviously, there’s that natural score eating into the top edge of the far-reaching show.

The indent itself is a ton smaller than the iPhone proportionate, without a doubt attributable to the less propelled front camera exhibit we examined previously. It’s somewhat more extensive than the Essential Phone’s indent, however.

In one regard, the P20 Lite is significantly nearer to the iPhone X structure than its older siblings are, on account of the exclusion of a front-mounted unique finger impression sensor. With regards to day by day use, the back unique mark sensor is a decent one.