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User Experience in the 6th Generation iPad


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User Experience in the 6th Generation iPad

The 6th generation iPad is a well-designed tablet. With a display of 9.7 inches which was announced on the 27th of March 2018. The device has an exceptional battery life of up to 10 hours running time, and the A10 Fusion chip processor on the device makes to be very fast and responsive to commands. There is also the advantage of multitasking on this device, a function which comes as a result of the iOS 12 which the device is powered by among other incredible features of the operating system. There is an enhanced user experience when utilizing this device and the various way in which the usability is improved include;

Extraordinarily fast

tablets can be very annoying with long loading time and their unresponsiveness to commands. The 6th generation iPad, however, has a 64-bit A10 fusion chip processor which enables the device to perform functions at incredible speeds and reduces the irritating long loading times we all hate.

Apple Pencil

The iPad supports the Apple Pencil, which can be a very beneficial tool for artists when it comes to drawing. It can as well be used for other functions such as taking notes by a student; teachers can use it to mark documents sent to them and share it back to the students who wrote it among other functions.


The device is powered by an outstanding 32.4 Wh internal battery that the device and run on for about 10 hours or more. It can go for more extended periods if the usage is not heavy and is recharged using a USB link to a computer or adapter.

Fingerprint Authentication

ease of unlocking the device, there is a feature which located at the home button which scans the fingerprint of the particular finger which you will prefer f use in unlocking the device and uses it as a security requirement for unlocking the device. The touch ID system also very responsive and takes only split second to recognize the prints, authenticate and unlock the device for use.

BlueTooth Keyboards

The 6th generation iPad as well is compatible with most Bluetooth keyboards which can be used when the user is interested in doing typing jobs with the device. The keyboard allows the use of the full screen without leaving that space which is usually covered by the onscreen keyboard, improving the productivity of the user and providing a good alternative for carrying the laptop around.


The device allows the user to do various tasks all at once, which is beneficial in the increased productivity of the individual. There is a function which will enable the user of the iPad to slide over another application such that it covers a section of the screen presenting the ability to work on the two apps at a go. There is as well the provision where you can drag and drop between apps, making it easy to perform specific tasks. The split-screen can allow the user to do functions like playing a game while on face time with another individual and many other functions depending on the apps you choose you to use.

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