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Differences between the iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6S Plus


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Differences between the iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6S Plus

For some time now, the iPhone generations from Apple Inc. have been coming to the market offered in two sizes which customers can choose from. Statistics which are derived from the sales have however revealed that most iPhone fans preferred the smaller size of the display and maybe the reason why there are plans to revive the 4″ screen display in the newer models to come. The relatively larger body of the iPhone 6s plus is, however, advantageous because it allows some additional features to be squeezed in making it more superior compared to the iPhone 6s. Some of the differences between these two smartphones to help choose one that suits customers\’ needs include;

Design and Display

The most visible and considerable difference between the devices is their display size. The 6s comes with 4.7″ screen size with a resolution of 1334×750 pixels while the iPhone 6s plus has a larger display of 5.5″ and superior resolution of 1920×1080 pixels, however, it has an inferior contrast ratio of 1300:1 compared to that of the 6s at 1400:1. Both phones have an aluminium body with rounded edges with the iPhone 6s being about 7.1 mm thick and the 6s plus 7.3 mm thickness a difference of 2mm which automatically contribute to the former being lighter in weight with 143 grams and the 6s plus at 192 grams.


smartphones have an inbuilt battery which cannot be removed; however, the iPhone 6s plus has a bigger battery size and hence a longer battery life from full charge compared to the 6s. The size of the phone 6s plus battery is 2750 mAh and a 1715mAh battery for the 6s version. However, the amount of time these batteries can be used varies depending on their usage, and both can be used for extended periods before charging again.


Even though these two iPhones have the same camera at the back of the phone, the iPhone 6s plus has an added image stabilizer which helps in the improvement of image quality and avoids capturing blurry pictures. The stabilizer is as well essential when shooting videos and will give better footage compared to the iPhone 6s. Therefore, individuals who take a lot of pictures should consider the 6s plus over the 6s for such advantages in overall image quality.


The iPhone is presented to the market in various colours and internal storages of 16, 64, and 128 GB. The prices for both phones vary with their difference in storage and the type of phone which is being sold.


The phones are more or less of equal functioning; however, the slight differences in the battery life of the phone and camera is very beneficial in convincing individuals when trying to decide one to buy. The screen display size is as well a critical decision-maker which influences customers when choosing between the two, those who want a small one which will easily fit in their pockets go for the 6S while those who prefer a bigger phablet screen size go for the iPhone 6S plus.

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