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A comfortable and ergonomic design, the iPhone 7 is a familiar feel to it. It may remind users of the classic iPhones, but with its advanced capabilities and operating system, this handset is a class above the rest. With a screen that is 25% brighter and a new water resistant rating, the iPhone 7 eclipses all predecessors.

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Second Hand iPhone 7

The second hand iPhone 7, in many ways, looks a lot like its older generation predecessors; however, it delivers a unique experience. Its new features include being water-resistant, a processor with quad-core, and a starting storage capacity of 30 2GB, which are all very impressive.

Design-wise it looks pretty much the same with its previous models, but its new jet black finish is the main differentiator. It is made of metal, giving a smooth feel and a good grip. It also features a new home button with capacitive touch-sensitive and not the iconic click home button. This touch-sensitive works like how it does with the screen, a light touch from your finger, and its responses.

It is also water-resistant, which is a brilliant feature to have on the phone because, for the most part, our phones usually ruin through water damage.

The screen of a second hand iPhone 7 is 4.7 inches with a resolution of 1334×750 and retina of 326 PPI. The iPhone 7 has an incredibly sharp display using DCI P3 colour gamut, which is also used in iMac or iPad Pro; this means a more promising colour with a realistic result. It also gives a very natural skin tone and is even cooler when watching videos with dark scenes. It is a fantastic IPS LCD screen giving a bright display with less reflection, making it perfect even for usage in bright sunlight.

The used iPhone 7 is powered by the A10 fusion core using a quad-core CPU. Two are used for heavy tasks, and the other two or more efficient and are perfect for lighter jobs. Compared to the iPhone 6s, the seven is about 30% faster.

It comes with a 12-megapixel f/1.8 rear camera and also includes a new six optic lens, OIS. The OIS helps improve its performance in low light, capturing more details and gives a much more realistic colour. This feature provides better stabilisation and reduces minor shakes resulting in less blurry shots in less lit areas. And its wider aperture allows more light into the sensor, thus gives a much more detailed image with lesser noise when shot in dim light.

Another enhancement is the brightness in a flash, which comes very handy when taking shots in a dark area.

Its battery capacity is 1960 mAh, which lasts longer than iPhone 6S, as claimed by the manufacturer. Although it has been said that the refurbished iPhone 7’s battery tends to drain out quickly when it comes to refilling the battery, it is pretty fast.

Only in about 90 minutes, you can fully charge the battery. Most importantly, the iPhone 7 also has an excellent call quality mostly because of its noise-cancelling microphones, and another advantage is that its ear speaker can get pretty loud, which comes handy in noisy environments.

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Additional Information

Brand – iPhone

Model – iPhone 7

Dimensions (mm) – 138.3×67.1×7.1

Weight – 138 g

Screen size– 4.7 inches

Resolution – 750× 1334 pixels

Processor – 2.3 4GHz, quad-core

Processor make – A10 Fusion

Front camera – 7 megapixel

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