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iPhones’ New Dark Mode: All You Need to Know


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iPhones’ New Dark Mode: All You Need to Know

The dark mode is a new feature that is coming to the iPhone. Apple announced this feature on a conference on June 3rd. It is one of the most anticipated tools that will grace the iOS 13. At the Apple conference, one of the representatives of the company previewed how the dark mode will look like on some of the popular iPhone applications from Photos to Music and News. This setting will be available on iPhones through an application that has an owl icon. Dark mode on Mac was launched last year, and so many people had anticipated the inclusion of this mode on the iPhone. Some of the experts behind this project claim that the setting is much easier on the eyes and could technically save the battery power of your phone. If you are the type that is looking for a cheap iPhone, fear not for the second hand used iPhone unlocked mobile phones will still have this dark mode.

How the dark mode will look

This setting will embrace a dark colour scheme on your phone and will have a black background on your iPhone. The keyboards together with the icons on your iPhone will have a grey colour—these colours will be less stark than the typical white or bright backgrounds that iPhones have. Having a close look at the dark mode that was introduced on Mac a year ago, you will realize that the dark mode makes it easier for a person to stay focused on his or her work. This is because the content of your work stands out while the windows, together with the controls of your iPhone move back into the background.

This new feature will be available across iPhones and iPads. The setting has been designed to be turned on automatically at a scheduled time or in the evening time. The dark mode is not something new that has come with Apple; the mode has been popular on various platforms and devices. These platforms and devices include; Samsung Galaxy smartphones, Twitter, and Google’s Chrome browser.

Battery Life

As stated earlier on, this setting will help save the battery life of your used iPhone unlocked. Most smartphones are known to use (OLED) i.e. Organic light-emitting diodes in their displays. If you choose a black theme on your phone that has an OLED display, less power will be consumed as opposed to using a white theme.

Health Impact on your Eyes

Experts claim that this dark setting will make everything on your iPhone screen easier on your eyes. Research on the impact of light from smartphones or computer browsers on your eyes reveals that too much exposure of light from white backgrounds can make your eyes tired and even make you have headaches.

Other experts claim that this dark mode setting has no impact on the health of an individual. However, whether the configuration has any positive or negative effect on your health is up for debate. The design, however, makes the colours and texts on your iPhone to pop and sometimes it is good to change your phone background now and then.

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