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Is the second hand iPhone 6 still a good buy?


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Is a second hand iPhone 6 a good purchase in 2020?

Is the second-hand iPhone 6 still a good buy?

Smartphones are the biggest competition in the gadget world. And when you think about the word trendy and advanced, Apple iOS phones are what you naturally associate with them.

Talking about the best of the best, unfortunately, many smartphones could not hold their place in the market even for a year or two. Using a discontinued phone can be inconvenient, especially when you don’t have the budget to replace it.

One of the fewer phones to relaunch after discontinuing for a short time is the second hand iPhone 6. The comeback is itself a confirmation of the worth and value of this product. It must be hard to believe, but the iPhone 6 is still in demand.

The iPhone 6 is still a great phone

Not all customers want to own the latest or the most expensive phones, especially with our cheap iPhones on the market. And if you happen to be looking for a stylish, low-budget smartphone with excellent performance, you should give second-hand iPhone 6 a try.

The software of this device can support up to iOS 12. Though it is an old phone, it is pretty consistent with the newer releases.

Buying a second-hand iPhone 6 now requires proper research, given that it is one of the oldest generations of iPhones. There is no doubt that this smartphone works impressively like any other iOS device, but you do not want to make a hasty decision.

Downfalls of iPhone 6 in comparison to upgraded iPhones

It is noticeable that the newer phones do share some similarities with its predecessors, but the rest of the changes have come a long way. And if you are searching for the latest and the fastest smartphone, you might need to upgrade from the iPhone 6.

Despite being a refurbished mobile phone, the iPhone 6 does lack some features:

  • The phone is not capable of upgrading to the latest software, iOS 13. The iPhone 6 is one of the last to run on iOS 12, and you will miss out on new updates that come only with the later software.
  • The device is not water-resistant. Today, this feature is an essential requirement in what we call the millennial smartphones. And if you are looking for this particular feature, you will have to opt for iPhone 7 and above.
  • Face ID is a modern yet vital feature in all the new smartphones. People are excited about unlocking their phones with facial recognition. But with iPhone 6, you might be missing the thrill.
  • Wireless charging is quite a talk among tech enthusiasts these days. Besides, smartphones, new gadgets are all going wireless, which is a convenient invention. iPhone 6 does not support this feature, so you have to go by the old rules.


Buying a second-hand iPhone 6 comes with its own pros and cons. There is nothing wrong going for the used phones, but you will have to consider a few areas if it is not the latest generation.

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