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How old phones are being used in environmental conservation efforts


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How old phones are being used in environmental conservation efforts

Environmental conservation has become a centre of attention over the past few years because of the various concerns which degradation leads to. It has become the responsibility of individuals to ensure natural resources are protected and governments to provide relevant laws which aid the conservation efforts. Topher White, an engineer and explorer, took the initiative to assist in the conservation of rainforests and their animals using old upcycled smartphones. Through his non-profit organization Rain Forest Connections (RFCx), these phones are attached with an extra microphone and integrated with solar panels which keep them charged and used to listen in on the forest in real time. Even though these forests have complicated sounds of the various animals, insects, etc. which the human ear cannot interpret. Technology steps in and the over 200,000 hours\’ worth of data from these interconnected devices, is updated to the cloud where an AI (Artificial Intelligence) system interprets and reports chain saw sounds of illegal logging and other suspicious activities which are then forwarded to the relevant authorities for intervention.

Huawei offered to join in on this noble course and discovered that the organisation was already benefiting from a lot of their old and Cheap Huawei Phones because of their reliability and long term usage in their connection. RFCx and Huawei are however working on an interconnected intelligent system that will play a role in the conservation of many rainforests worldwide in the long run.

Challenges faced in the use of this technology for conservation

There is a wide range of climatic conditions in such forests which will affect the efficiency at which the interconnected used Cheap Huawei Phones will collect and transmit data to the cloud. Harsh weather conditions such as heavy rainfall or extremely windy conditions may derail the data transmission process, and additionally, the powers issues may see phones dying down, creating blackspots within the forests where illegal activity may thrive.

Depending on the size of the forest to be monitored, the data collected by the various devices may be massive. Furthermore, these rainforest sounds are very complex owing to their various sources such as rainfall noise, the rattling of trees branches in winds, and the many animals present within the ecosystem. A high recognition software should, therefore, be engaged after extensive research to differentiate the many sound presents and those which match illegal logging or poaching activities. It also a challenge for this system of interconnected Cheap Huawei Phones to make a quick analysis of the sounds and pinpoint where the suspicious activities are taking place in real time.


RFCx and Huawei are currently working side by side to come up with efficient data collection equipment, intelligent analysis software, and storage service for the collected data. Upgraded used Huawei phones will be utilised for data collection and are estimated to be able to work for up to 2 years 24/7. The big Huawei\’s data storage and management services will help in the data storage, and the intelligent algorithm will be responsible for the efficient and accurate analysis of the sounds in real time for better identification and location of suspicious activities in the forests.

Battery Life

The battery life of the Huawei P30 is just excellent. The phone has a Jumbo Size battery that has a capacity of 4200mAh. This capacity can last the phone for a full day. Still, on the battery life of the smartphone, the manufactures of this beautiful phone have made the phone to have a Supercharge capability of 40W. Another excellent feature that relates to the battery life of the phone is the fact that the Huawei P30 can share its power with other smartphones that have wireless charging capabilities. If you are interested in a Huawei phone that has similar features but has a lower price, you can opt to purchase a Huawei P20 refurbished smartphones. These phones are readily available in the market.

Screen Resolution

The Huawei P30 Pro has a 6.47-inch display that is OLED. The resolution of this screen is around 2340X1080. The resolution makes the phone to look fantastic and is responsible for giving the phone an excellent colour correction on every angle of the screen view. If you are a person who loves playing high definition games, then you need to buy this phone. The resolution and colour correction of the phone will make you enjoy your favourite games in HD.

Design & Toughness

The phone comes in eye-catching colours. The colours that have been chosen for this next generation smartphone include; Pearl white, Amber Sunrise, Black, Aurora, and Breathing Crystal.

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