Refurbished iPhone 8 Features Blog

Presenting itself as the’ future of wireless’, the iPhone 8 is a high-tech, sophisticated handset that showcases the best that Apple has to offer. With easy wireless charging and precision engineering, the iPhone 8 is one of the most innovative mobile phones that Apple have released to date.

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Design & Display

This iPhone stands out from the crowd by showcasing an innovative and glass finish. The iPhone 8’s new, all glass body is framed in a colour matched, aluminium trim. Apple has crafted a durable and dependable glass that creates a very modern and bespoke finish. The iPhone 8 is a visually stunning handset, that perfectly showcases the evolution in mobile phone design.

The iPhone 8 is also engineered to be dust and water resistant, adding another element of durability to Apple’s new flagship phone. The seamless glass housing protects the internal handset, and as the mobile is the ‘future of wireless’ technology, there is no headphone jack, so this adds to the water resistance of the handset.

Despite having a similar sized screen to its previous models, the iPhone 8 screen does have a significantly improved tone. Incorporating their new True Tone technology to this handset, adapting the colours, depth and saturation of the display to the surrounding light.

Wireless Charging

Leading on from the previous model, the iPhone 8 does not have a headphone jack. So, Apple has had wireless capabilities with their handsets for a few years, but the iPhone 8 takes it a step further. As a result of the all-glass back, the iPhone 8 is the first iPhone to fully support wireless charging.


Turn it up to 11! The iPhone 8 runs as standard on the iOS 11 operative system. This updated operating system has given the control centre and app store a whole new look. It also offers improvements to Siri and supports AR (Augmented Reality), enabling a more immersive experience for its users.

Other features include indoor maps and a do not disturb feature when you’re driving that will mute all calls and notifications to minimise distractions when you’re on the road.


The iPhone 8 features a stand out 12MP camera. Your selfies will never be the same; with sharper images, blurred backgrounds and enhanced portrait mode, the iPhone 8 cameras will allow you to capture the beauty around you. With a refurbished phone, you are receiving an exceptional model for a fraction of the price.


The iPhone 8 is an exceptional model that can keep up with your day to day life and provide you with superior performance, all doe a fraction of the price of factory fresh phone.