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The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Phone Review


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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Phone

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Phone Review

With all of the previous foldable phones, they all had at least one fault. The Royole’s FlexPai just wasn’t up to the standard and the Galaxy Fold was a prototype with screen glare issues.

Design and durability

At first glance, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip phone seems to be an attractive phone but when you get a closer look at it the design is bland. When the phone is closed the volume keys and fingerprint sensor/power button or on the right site with the main dual camera up front next to a tiny 1-inch screen. At a quick glance at the time and to see your social controls it is ok but when you swipe over it to see anything else it is just too small. For the actually hinge itself Samsung has said that it will open about 200,000 times or have five years of actual use but for not being out for that length of time I would take this with a pinch of salt. 

Like most phones that are coming out now, they are becoming bigger and bigger and one struggle that has become apparent is carrying them around. The main struggle that I have encountered when it has come to having a large phone is not being able to fit it into my pocket properly. With the Galaxy Z, this isn’t an issue, with its foldable capabilities it is able to fit into tight pockets and small purses.

Battery Life

The problem that foldable phones face is battery life. The Galaxy Z has two small batteries which aren’t as efficient as a single big battery but you will still get one long day out of using the phone. Just don’t forget to charge your phone overnight. The two small batteries are just not big enough like other phones that are cheaper and have better battery life.

The camera

This is where you can’t really complain when it comes to the Galaxy Z. Its 12-megapixel cameras are able to capture vibrant and detailed pictures. However, once it gets dark the phone’s cameras aren’t able to catch the same quality like they do when in daylight. It loses the vibrant colours and the detail that you would get from other mobile phones.

Other foldable phones

At this current time, you are very limited when it comes to foldable phones. The Galaxy Fold is a good contender if you are into small foldable Andriod tablets if you were thinking about the Galaxy Z. The other main contender is the Motorola’s Razr but this is only because of its design. There is nothing that the Z Flip doesn’t do that the Razr does.


The Galaxy Z Flip is looking to be the first foldable phone that is fully functional and ticks all of the boxes. It has excellent performance, amazing cameras and a long enough battery life all in this foldable phone designed for the future. However, if you want a taste of the future you will have to pay the price for it and they are fragile and app developers don’t know how to take advantage of them yet. The Z Flip is the best foldable phone out there but it is not worth buying one.

When it comes to everyday use I don’t know how far this phone will go when it comes to real-life everyday use instead of being in a lab. With it being fragile I wouldn’t trust it. If you want a new phone that is more exciting I would recommend this phone but have a good think if it is actually worth buying.

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