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Should I buy a Samsung Galaxy S8?


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Should I buy a Samsung Galaxy S8?

The Samsung Galaxy S8 was supposedly one of the best smartphones on the market and was also one of the most expensive smartphones as well. Even though Samsung have released new models, they are also quite expensive to 

own. As the years have gone on the Samsung Galaxy S8 has seemed to get much cheaper. And if you go with us you will certainly not find a cheaper Samsung Galaxy S8 anywhere else. Even tho the phone is slower than the recent models and the camera isn’t top of the range, should you buy one in 2020?

The fundamentals

What you have with the Samsung S8 is a 5.8in flagship smartphone, a Snapdragon 853 processor, a 19:5:9 aspect ratio with a amazing camera that is still one of the best cameras that you are still able to buy at a muh better price. We also cant forget its amazing and sleek design. At the time this was one of best phones on the market. Personally i think it still is one of the best phones to buy. The only issue I have with this smartphone is the battery life. This is the only thing that lets me down with this phone.

How does it look?

The first thing that you notice with this phone is its screen. Samsung have created this elegant 18:5:9 infinity display that looked like any other device. The front of the phone is completely covered in glass with the smallest of notches at the top of t screen. This gives the Samsung Galaxy S8 a high screen to body ratio of 84% making it 12% more than the previous Samsung Galaxy S7.

This Samsung has no edges like the previous models making it feel great in your hand. Its slim and feels light in your hand, but it does feel like its over-engineered. Honestly it is a tall phone. Being a tall phone it does cause some issues when you are using the phone with one hand because it is quite difficult to use the finger scanner which is placed at the back of the phone.

The display

Samsung, yet again, have gave us a display that is outstanding. The Samsung Galaxy S8 has a Super AMOLED unit. This makes the colours on the display bright and vivid in all lighting conditions. The display also isn’t effected by its curved screen which at first glance I thought it might cause a few issues with the colours. The only issue I have with this screen is that because it is a tall phone my hand did touch the screen when I didn’t want it too which did take me to different applications that I didn’t want to go.

How good is the camera

You might think that with every new model you receive a new camera, like you do with every new model of the iPhone. With the Samsung Galaxy S8 this isn’t the case. Strangely Samsung has kept the 12 megapixel camera that was on the S7. This doesn’t mean it is a bad camera, we just thought Samsung would treat us to a new camera that might have some new features or take pictures in low light situations.

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