Samsung s20 phones

The new Samsung S20

The soon to be released Samsung S20 is going to be a massive upgrade to your Galaxy S10 especially if you are keen on a 5G Phone. The Samsung S20 has a 6.2-inch screen with a fast 120Hz refresh rate, 5G, Better cameras and the main thing that we care about. A much better battery. This is the perfect phone for you if you want a taste of the future that Samsung has to offer.

The screen

Samsung has made the screen 0.1-inches bigger which doesn’t dramatically change the size of the phone and also has the same resolution. They are offering a default resolution which does make the screen look sharper and does save the battery. It also makes a massive difference when it comes to surfing the internet and gaming. The touch sensitivity has also been increased making gameplay more responsive by sensing your finger brushes on the screen at a much higher rate.

The design

We all know that an increase in screen size might put people off when it comes to buying a new phone because of the higher demand for one-handed phones. However, instead of getting wider the Samsung S20 has got taller. The body of the phone has also got thinner making it feel really nice in your hand. The Galaxy S20 is the smallest of the Samsung phones this year it would be the one that I would buy so far, especially for day to day use.

The body has two pieces of glass on either side which complicate the aluminium frame. There are still curves at the edges of the screen making it look more fluid look.

Three cameras?

In this year’s model, we have been spoiled with the cameras that are on the Samsung S20. Samsung has boosted the individual pixel size and made the camera sensors themselves larger. When the phone has come across dim lighting situations the images have been much clearer but the Galaxy S10 Ultra does seem to be better in these situations.

With the various different cameras, you are spoiled for choice. You are able to capture photos in ultra-wide, portraits, hyper-lapse video, regular video and more. Each camera is really stable so you will have no issue when it comes to capturing the perfect photo for your social media.

Battery life

With every phone you have, the battery seems to be a problem for everyone, and this might be the case when it comes with the Samsung S20 with the use of the 5G. However, Samsung have installed a 4,000mAh battery giving you a nice upgrade from the previous 3,400mAh battery that was installed in the S10. Samsung has also given the S20 Fast Charging you won’t have to wait for this phone to be fully charged.