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Top 5 Benefits of Choosing a Used iPhone Over a New One


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A Used iPhone Vs a New One

When it comes to purchasing a smartphone, the choice between a new and a used iPhone can be daunting. However, opting for a used iPhone can offer several advantages that make it a compelling choice. Here are the top five benefits of choosing a used iPhone over a new one.

1. Cost Savings

One of the most significant benefits of purchasing a used iPhone is the cost savings. New iPhones come with a hefty price tag, often making them a significant financial commitment. In contrast, used iPhones can be considerably cheaper, allowing you to save a substantial amount of money.

For example, the latest iPhone models can cost upwards of £1,000, whereas a used model from a couple of years ago can be found for a fraction of that price. These savings can be especially beneficial if you’re looking to buy multiple devices, such as for family members or employees. Additionally, by choosing a used iPhone, you can avoid the initial depreciation that new phones experience. New devices tend to lose a significant portion of their value within the first year, while used devices have already undergone this depreciation, making them a more stable investment.

2. Reduced Environmental Impact

Another crucial benefit of opting for a used iPhone is the positive environmental impact. The production of new smartphones involves extracting precious metals, consuming energy, and generating waste, all of which contribute to environmental degradation.

By purchasing a used iPhone, you are contributing to the reduction of e-waste and the conservation of resources. Extending the life of an existing device means fewer phones need to be manufactured, leading to lower carbon emissions and less environmental harm. This small action can have a significant impact, considering the millions of smartphones produced and discarded each year.

3. Availability of Older Models

Choosing a used iPhone gives you access to older models that may no longer be available new. This can be particularly beneficial if you have a preference for specific features or design elements that have been phased out in newer models.

For instance, some users prefer the compact size and physical home button of the iPhone SE or the headphone jack available in the iPhone 7. These features are not available in the latest models, making used iPhones an attractive option for those with specific preferences.

Moreover, older models often support most of the current apps and functionalities, providing a reliable and user-friendly experience without the need for the latest hardware.

4. Shorter Upgrade Cycles

Technology evolves rapidly, and new smartphone models are released frequently. Purchasing a new iPhone every time a new model is released can be costly and unnecessary, especially when the upgrades are incremental.

By choosing a used iPhone, you can adopt a shorter upgrade cycle without the financial strain. Used iPhones allow you to enjoy high-quality devices and upgrade more frequently, taking advantage of newer features without paying the full price of a brand-new phone each time. This approach ensures you always have a reasonably up-to-date device while keeping your costs down.

5. Potential for Customisation

Used iPhones often come with a variety of aftermarket accessories and modifications available, giving you the opportunity to customise your device to suit your needs and preferences. Whether you want a unique case, additional storage options, or enhanced functionality, the used phone market offers plenty of options.

For example, you might find a used iPhone with a battery upgrade or custom housing that gives it a unique look. These modifications can enhance the phone’s performance and aesthetic appeal, providing a personalised experience that new, off-the-shelf models can’t match.

Addressing Common Concerns

While the benefits of buying a used iPhone are clear, some common concerns may still deter potential buyers. Here, we address some of those concerns to help you make an informed decision.

Quality and Reliability

A common misconception is that used iPhones are of inferior quality or less reliable than new ones. However, reputable sellers, such as Used Mobiles 4 U, thoroughly test and refurbish their devices to ensure they meet high standards of quality and performance. When purchasing from a trusted source, you can be confident that the device has been inspected, repaired if necessary, and is in good working condition.

Warranty and Support

Another concern is the lack of warranty and support for used iPhones. Many reputable sellers offer warranties on their refurbished devices, providing similar protection to what you would receive with a new phone. For example, at Used Mobiles 4 U, we offer warranties on all our used iPhones, giving you peace of mind and ensuring support if any issues arise.

Software Updates

Some buyers worry that older iPhones may not receive the latest software updates. While it’s true that older models may eventually stop receiving updates, Apple supports its devices with software updates for several years. This means that even a used iPhone that is a few years old will still receive updates and security patches for a significant period, ensuring it remains functional and secure.


Opting for a used iPhone over a new one offers numerous benefits, including significant cost savings, reduced environmental impact, access to older models, shorter upgrade cycles, and the potential for customisation. These advantages make used iPhones an attractive option for many consumers.

By addressing common concerns such as quality, warranty, and software updates, you can confidently choose a used iPhone that meets your needs and budget. At Used Mobiles 4 U, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality refurbished iPhones with warranties and excellent customer support. Visit our website to explore our range of used iPhones and find the perfect device for you.

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12 April 2024

Very pleased with my purchase

Purchased a phone from these guys a few years ago and was completely satisfied then so when it came to my latest requirement I thought I would return. The phone I wanted was out of stock for a few months but I was in no rush so I waited until one became available. I received it a few days ago and am completely happy with it. The condition is exactly as described, in fact it’s better than that in my opinion. Well done chaps, keep up the good work, I will certainly recommend you if someone should ask.


9 April 2024

Great customer service – highly recommend

Went back for a second purchase today as so impressed with customer service and products. Very prompt repair on warranty with no quibble. Would definitely recommend.


8 March 2024

Decent price delivered on time BUT when the iphone microphone was erratic I contacted Used Mobiles 4 U to arrange a replacement or refund. This is when they showed their excellence. Arranged return for MY convenience and sent through a postage QR for my ease. A real pleasure doing business with them – and I’m likely to again. Oh, and by the way, the new (used) phone works great…