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Best Apps to Install on Your Refurbished Phone


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You’ve just bought a refurbished phone and can’t wait to start using it. However, before you dive in, it’s best to download some key apps to get the most out of your new device. The right apps can enhance functionality, boost productivity and entertain you during downtime. Luckily, many of the top apps don’t cost a penny. Read on for recommendations of the best free apps to install on your refurbished phone.

Photos and Videos: Adobe Express

One of the first apps you’ll want to download is Adobe Express. Available for both iPhone and Android, Express makes it easy to create standout graphics and engaging videos. With a user-friendly interface and customisable templates, you can quickly produce social media posts and marketing materials. Other key features include access to Adobe’s premium fonts and image library as well as automated video creation from photos. While a premium subscription is available, the basic app is completely free. So, whether you’re looking to spruce up family photos or promote a small business, Adobe Express is a fantastic app for visual content creation on the go.

Music and Entertainment: Spotify

When it comes to music, movies and podcasts, Spotify has you covered. This hugely popular streaming app offers access to over 82 million songs, 3.6 million podcasts and a growing library of audiobooks. The platform makes personalised recommendations based on your listening history and allows you to download content for offline playback. While Spotify has both free and paid tiers, the free version serves up ads between songs. But with the ability to play any music you want on-demand, Spotify remains one of the top entertainment apps around. Install it on your refurbished phone to have endless audio options at your fingertips.

Reading and Learning: Kindle

For voracious readers, the Kindle app is an obvious download. It lets you access Amazon’s entire eBook catalogue from classics to new releases. You can browse titles, read samples and purchase books directly through the reader. Additional features like adjusting text size, building a virtual library and syncing across devices make reading on a mobile screen much easier on the eyes. Another advantage of Kindle is that online dictionaries and Wikipedia integration allow you to instantly look up words or topics. So, if you want an affordable way to read over a million eBook titles on your phone, getting the free Kindle app is essential.

Work and Productivity: Microsoft Office Mobile

With Microsoft Office Mobile, you can create, edit and share Word docs, PowerPoint presentations and Excel spreadsheets on the move. The app seamlessly syncs all content across devices through OneDrive integration. Handy tools for documents include conversational editor suggestions to simplify writing as well as the ability to scan physical documents into Word. You can also transform tables into Excel graphs to visualise data and even present slides in PowerPoint directly from your phone screen. While some advanced features require an Office 365 subscription, the core functionality remains free to use. For those needing professional-grade productivity software for work or academics, Microsoft Office Mobile is a must-have app for your refurbished smartphone.

Health and Wellbeing: Headspace

Looking to live a healthier, happier life? Then be sure to download the popular meditation platform Headspace onto your new phone. Packed with content to reduce stress, improve sleep quality and boost focus, Headspace makes achieving mindfulness easy through guided audio sessions. With sessions ranging from 3-20 minutes, you can fit meditation into small breaks throughout your day. The app also offers themed meditation packs (like self-esteem and letting go of anger) along with curated music playlists to help you zen out. While a paid subscription unlocks the full experience, new users do get access to Headspace’s “basics” packs for free. If you want to practice mindfulness or try meditation for the first time, install this wellbeing workspace on your refurbished device.

Finance and Money: Emma

Make sure your finances stay firmly in the black by setting up the brilliant budgeting app Emma. Designed with automation in mind, Emma categorises your spending, detects unusual activity and provides custom analysis of your money habits. By clearly highlighting where your cash is going each month, you can identify areas to cut back on. Emma also enables you to set saving goals, manage debt and even invest directly from the app. While some features require a premium account, you still get access to intelligent budgeting tools and spending insights for free. So, if you want to achieve financial confidence, then download Emma early on to monitor and maximise your hard-earned money.

With downloads complete across entertainment, productivity, health, reading and finance, your refurbished phone is now completely set up for success. These essential free apps enhance overall functionality while offering tools tailored to work, rest and play needs on the move. So, pick your favourites from the recommendations above and start enjoying your like-new device to its fullest potential.

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