Why you should buy the iPhone 7 Plus

The iPhone 7 plus is the larger version of the iPhone 7 and is more expensive than the iPhone 7. But is it worth for what you pay for? Read today’s blog to find out if you should buy the iPhone 7 Plus and is it the right smartphone for you.

Dual Cameras

There are two 12MP cameras on the back of the iPhone 7 Plus. There is one standard lens that is a massive improvement form its predecessor, the iPhone 6s. While the lens is wider, has better aperture, (50% more than the previous iPhone 6s) increased shutter speed and optical image stablilisation. Making the images much brighter and better exposed. The improvements also include better colour reproduction and, interestingly, some AI (dubbed the “image signal processor”), which automatically sets exposure, tone mapping, focus and white balance, whilst reducing noise.

The second lens is a telephoto lens. The 56mm lens gives you the ability to go from the bottom camera to the top with just a touch of a button. This creates a 2x optical zoom. This also allows you ti take backgroud de-focus shots with both of the lens working together.

Battery Life

The iPhone 7 Plus has a bigger battery, which is good for anyone that had problems with the previous iPhones. This is the reason why the headphone jack is gone to leave more space for the bigger power bank. It also lasts longer because of how efficient the A10 processor is.

However the quick charging isnt as efficient as other phones that you can get on the market today, especially when it comes to its android rivals.


The larger iPhones have some benefits when its compared to the smaller models. The screen is bigger making the color of the display better, which make gaming and watching videos a better experience for the user. By moving the headphone jack to make room for the bigger screen and battery does come at a consequence. You can now charge your phone and listen to music at the same time now, unless your earphones are bluetooth compatible. Unless you do buy a adapter that allows you to do both at the same time.

The size however, is for your own personal preference. If you like a bigger phone then this is the phone for you. If you dont mind holding your phone with two hands i would choose the iPhone 7 Plus.

More storage

For a long time people have wanted more storage on their mobile phone. The basic storage on the iPhone 7 Plus has now doubled to 32GB from the previous 16GB. Apple have done this because of the amount of storage that the IOS updates take up gives you no room for your own personal things. This is also why they have introduced iCloud to free up the space on your phone. With the larger cameras as well will also increase the the file size meaning you will need more space on your phone.