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Why you should buy a Samsung Galaxy S8+


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Why you should buy a Samsung Galaxy S8+

The Samsung Galaxy S8+ is a bigger version of the Samsung Galaxy 8 and the main difference is the size and the battery. The S8+ Has a larger battery and screen and you should pick one on the basis of how it fits in your hand. It is also has a great waterproof build and a headphone socket for AKG headphones which is an excellent feature.

Infinity Display

With the changes from the Galaxy S6 edge+ to Galaxy S7 edge, there was very little visual changes. With the Samsung Galaxy S8+ however, it was a launch into the future. It has Dual curved edges, sculpted sides and a glass back makes it water-resistant and has a very nice modern look to it. With its infinity display, this android phone looks great in your hand. What Samsung has tried to do is give you more screen without increasing the size in the body of the phone. The actual phone set its self is narrower than the iPhone 8+ and only being slightly taller.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus specs

The Samsung Galaxy S8+ has been internally fully-updated internals. This is the first phone to be run with the 10nm chipset. However, other manufacturers have created similar chipsets. This chipset makes the Samsung Galaxy S8+ run very smooth, meaning that the handset doesn’t feel hot and feels controlled, being at the top of its game constantly.

The USB Type-C charging port at the bottom of the smartphone charges a 3,500Ah battery. And with the size of the battery, it performs as you would expect. This battery is able to give the Samsung Galaxy S8+ day-long battery life and can carry on into the next day without any issues. If your screen time is high however it will naturally drop faster.

Fingerprint scanner

The fingerprint scanner is on the back of the Samsung Galaxy S8+ which frees up space on the front of the Samsung Galaxy S8+. The scanner is placed next to the camera which can be difficult to place your finger on. Samsung has added a face recognition, which works well but can be bypassed by a picture.

Samsung Galaxy S8+ camera review

 With the previous Samsung Galaxy S7 which had great quality, we expect to see the same when it comes to the Samsung Galaxy S8+. The camera features they have added AI system as Snapchat has so you are able to have filters on you face which is a nice touch. The camera is fast focusing, has full manual control which includes raw shooting making it great in all conditions. Due to the fast processor, the video stabilisation is now at a higher resolution.

There is a downfall when it comes to low light situations. It can cause low light images to come out as blurry, especially when you use a low shutter speed. What works well is the on-screen exposure slider that is featured. Which helps when it comes to low light situations and is also easy to use.

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