Why buy the iPhone 6?

The iPhone 6 was released in 201 and was the best smartphone on the market. It had a completely rethought design with new customized software and hardware features. With the combination of hardware and software features has made the iPhone 6 one of the most powerful smartphones to be released onto the market. Even though there is more developed iPhones on the market, they still come at a high price. But even though the price is low should you but an iPhone 6?

The design

When you first pick up an iPhone 6 you will notice that it has soft curves and joins that are completely seamless between the screen and the back of the phone. There are a very few plastic detailings on the back of the phone, but other than that the phone is mainly made with metal and plastic. It isn’t as eye-catching as the previous iPhone, which was the iPhone 5s. It looks like the iPhone 6 has been cut out from a single piece of metal which has then been fused together by the beautiful screen.

The screen

With this particular iPhone, you have a 4.7inch screen which s seen on the previous model and on the iPhone 7. The retina display on this phone is 326ppi. The retina is the term that has been trademarked by Apple and it represents the resolution of the screen. This is the pixels per inch. The more pixels that you have per inch the better the resolution is on the phone. Even though this phone isn’t the best screen that you can get on the market it is still really good for streaming videos and playing video games on your phone.

The performance

With the A7 processor that Apple had used on the iPhone 5s, it was possible the best processor that Apple had ever released. However, with this particular phone, you do receive the A8 Apple processor but just looking at the specs there isn’t much difference. The A8 has a dual-core processor which runs at 1.4GHz, which is only slightly better when it was compared to the 1.3GHz A7. The big changes are performance improvements. The iPhone 6 has more than 25% higher in the graphics test and has 10% more in the CPU test. This was very important and you can see the difference when you play different games on your phone.

iOS 8

By just having a glance at iOS 8 you will notice plenty of differences visually but this isn’t the main change to iOS 8. Apple has given this operating system a lot of new features that will help you navigate through your phone much better than before. Interactive Notifications will allow you to respond to messages, invites, texts and more from certain apps like Facebook without actually entering the app. This can be done by dragging down on banner notifications when they appear. This makes the process much faster and more efficient if you want to do a quick reply.