Why should you buy a Used Mobile Phone

In today’s world having a smartphone is a must. Everyone has got one and uses it for different things. People use them for work, gaming, scrolling down their timeline and more. However, like iPhones and other smartphones have developed they have become more expensive for the everyday person to buy.

So if you are looking for a phone that suits you but can’t afford it, your only option is to buy a used mobile phone. This can also be an issue for some people because sometimes you don’t know who to trust. At Used Mobiles 4U, we guarantee that you buy exactly what is shown without tying you down to a contract. In today’s blog, I am going to explain what you can expect from a used mobile phone form us.

What to expect when you buy a Grade A phone

When it comes to buying a used mobile phone some people do worry about being scammed or the phone will arrive in a condition that wasn’t stated on the site. I can assure you at Used Mobiles 4U we have had many satisfied customers that would recommend buying a phone with us.

Buying a Grade A phone you will find that your phone is in excellent condition. By excellent condition, I mean that this phone is brand new and has no scratches on the phone. It has at least 80% battery and is also unlocked to all networks.

What to expect when you buy a Grade B phone

As you would expect as the grades of the used mobile phones get lower, the condition of the phone slightly deteriorates. However, this does make the phone cheaper. All of our phones are priced on the different variables so they are priced fairly. On these phones, you will find some minor marks on the casing and on the screen. The minimum battery percentage on these devices is 75%.

What to expect when you buy a Grade C phone

This is the lowest grade that you will find on our site. These used mobiles phones do have some marks on the screen and on the casing but like all of our phones, they been fully tested to make sure the phone is fully functional and working. The devices will have at least 70% battery life. For the prices of these phones, you will also find that these phones are priced as best as we can.

Will you get a warranty on our Used Mobile Phone?

You will find on different websites that there will be different warranties for different phones. On our phones, we have 12 months warranty. If you do have any issues with your phone you will be able to contact our customer service team with your product number and your phone issue. If your phone doesn’t work we will either reimburse you or send you another phone in replacement. As you can see buying a Used Mobile phone has its advantages.