Why the iPhone 6 is still a fascinating phone in 2020

Why the iPhone 6 is still a fascinating phone

Apple launched the new iPhone SE a few months ago, and can you believe we are still discussing the iPhone 6 in 2020? This iOS device was one of the most awaited releases in the history of iPhones, and even today, it lives up to the expectations.

It is undeniably true that there are many people in the UK using cheap and used iPhone 6 phones with so much care. And why not? The features, specifications, and not to mention the colours of this model are simply appealing.

After iPhone 5s, there was a common suggestion made from its users, and that was the upgrade of the 4-inch screen. Apple took this advice earnestly, and as a result, the release of the iPhone 6 with a 4.7-inch screen size was a huge leap.

The brand received an immensely positive response from the first few months of its launch and marked the growth of rapid sales. The introduction of the iPhone 6 changed the perspective of the entire smartphone competition.

So, if you are still a proud owner of the iPhone 6, it is understandable how convenient this iOS device might be. It is not only attractive but also easy to access, and that’s why there are still users bragging about it.

Is iPhone 6 competent with the new succeeding iOS devices?

Many aspects of the device change and upgrade with the release of every new iPhone. But as you know, the latest iPhone always comes with a hefty price. This is one of the reasons most customers are still hooked on to their old iPhones.

Amongst the older generation, the iPhone 6 stands strong as one of the most competent. Let us look at some of the points that make this phone a good purchase.

  • iPhone 6 has the perfect screen size, and so, Apple kept it the same for its upcoming iOS smartphones like 6s, 7, and 8.
  • New iPhones do not have a headphone jack, and it received a major backlash. With iPhone 6, you can stick to your headphones and not pay for the overpriced Airpods.
  • You don’t have to worry about the limitation of apps. Luckily, iPhone 6 has all the apps that you will need.
  • The newer iPhones indeed have a better picture and video quality, but you can still take decent shots with its camera. This smartphone delivers a great low-light performance.

Buy a used iPhone 6

iPhone 6 is no longer Apple’s flagship device. However, if you are looking for a genuine smartphone with a great performance in a low budget, a used iPhone 6 is a safe purchase alongside other second hand phones.

When it comes to using or owning an iPhone, recent launches are undoubtedly tempting. Not everyone can afford to keep up with the trend. In this case, refurbished phones are better alternatives.


iPhone 6 is still a supported product, and you will come across many users of this generation even today. Genuine carrier stores and mobile retail shops sell second-hand and refurbished iPhone 6 in proper in good condition.

The performance, features, and specs of this iOS device are still convenient and user-friendly. If you are planning to switch to this phone, it will serve and save a good deal of money. Purchase a cheap iPhone 6 in Space Grey today!