Why the iPhone 6 is still a fascinating phone in 2020

Why you should keep with your iPhone 6S

If you’re still one of the people carrying around a second hand iPhone 6S, you should be proud of yourself. Apple had started to make this nasty move where it uses the software updates to slow down its older phones to force customers into buying a new one. Suppose you have survived through all that, then bare with your precious iPhone a bit more. There are quite a few reasons for doing that, and in this article, we will be discussing type reasons. If you’re rushing to buy a new, then take a moment to read this article, you won’t be disappointed!

Why wait?

The first and foremost reason for waiting is that Apple has finally started to listen to the customers. This year they have released their second iteration of the iPhone SE at £250. In days where the mainstream flagship iPhone starts at around £1000, this is a huge deal. The best part is that you don’t need to compromise with the performance of the SE 2020 at all. The phone houses the same flagship processor as its big brothers. Furthermore, news shows that Apple will continue this trend of releasing budget iPhones in the coming years, with even cheaper prices available when you buy refurbished phones online!

The smoother factor is that the new iPhone 12 launch is right around the corner. This means a price drop of the older ones. You might get your hands on a second hand iPhone SE at a price as little as £100, thereby saving yourself a lot of money while not losing out on huge things.

You’ll miss the iPhone 6S

You might think that’s absurd, but it’s true! You’ll miss your 6s badly. The first thing that you’ll miss about the 6s is its Touch ID. The newer iPhones starting the iPhone X use face recognition technology to unlock your phone and other security purposes. The face unlock feature is neither slow nor finicky; it’s swift, ultra-secure, and works in dark environments. But the fact is you’ll find the fingerprint sensor faster and more convenient because you’re used to it.

The second thing you’ll miss is the ergonomics of the phone. Compared to the newer iPhones, or phones in general, the iPhone 6s is tiny. It is thin, lightweight, and slides into your jeans pocket easily. This is not the case with the new 6.5 inch iPhones. It’ll bulge out of your jeans pocket and let everyone know what you’re carrying around. Not that it’s a bad thing; you’ll just need time to make it sink in.


There’s no denying the fact that the iPhone 6s has passed its glory days. It has become slow, its battery health has become drastically low, and it’s rather tiny considering market standards. Amidst all this, what it can do is fetch a fantastic deal for your new iPhone upgrade. Therefore hope on top your iPhone for just a little bit longer. A lot of new phones are releasing at a comfortable price point, providing incredible features and performance. You don’t want to miss out on then because of one reckless decision! You can buy a cheap second hand iPhone 6S in gold colour online.