Why you should buy an iPhone 6

When the iPhone 6 was first released back in 2014 it was the best smartphone ever to be put on the market. It was given a completely new design and was also packed with custom software features. This combination of hardware and software features made this phone the most desired to own.

As time has gone on there is newer models of the iPhone now on the market and the question is, why you should still consider why to buy the iPhone 6. In today’s blog, I am going to review the iPhone 6 and why it is still a great phone to own.

The Design

Unlike the iPhone 5s this iPhone has curved edges and seamless joins between the screen and the rest of the casing. This was the first step in my opinion of what the iPhone was going to look like in the future.

On this particular design we can see there are some plastic sections at the back but the phone is mainly made from metal and glass. In my personal opinion, I don’t think this phone is as striking as its predecessor. It has more of a subtle look and feel to the phone but as we can see as the more recent iPhones have come out we can see why they have gone for curved edges.

The screen

When you look at the screen really closely you will have difficulty spotting a pixel on this phone. Apple has done an amazing job by having a high Pixel Resolution to make everything you do on this phone look perfect. The screen is great for just about everything from streaming video to playing games. The colours are also extremely good and are near enough perfect.

As you would expect as the years have gone by, you will be able to find better screens on the more recent iPhones and Samsungs. However, if you are looking for a cheap, well-working phone the screen doesn’t let you down.

The performance

Back when Apple gave us the A7 processor the iPhone 5s has the most advanced processor on the market. The dual-core 64-bit processor wiped the floor with the quad-core and octa-core competition. Even though the iPhone 5s still runs amazingly on the iOS 8 system you are still able to get the most out od this phone. With the iPhone 6 however, you won’t see much difference in power that you got in the iPhone 5s. Instead, you will see an improvement in battery life as this was the main aim with the iPhone 6.

The storage

Unlike some Android phones that were made around the same time as the iPhone 6, you aren’t able to add an extra microSD. For some people, this was an issue but Apple did give us the option of paying for a more expensive model that has more memory to store your pictures, videos and music. As we can see today this was the way forward.