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Reasons why you should consider getting the iPad Air 2


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Reasons why you should consider getting the iPad Air 2

As of now the iPad Air 2 is not available at Apple for purchase and has been replaced by the new 2018 iPad. There are, however, refurbished options at various outlets for interested individuals with assurances from Apple that these refurbished devices have undergone the required repairs and perform as though they were brand new. Considering the selection of apps used in iPads and the excellent iOS used to power these devices, it can be agreed that they are the best choice of tablets in the market. The price cuts as well offered by refurbished products should be an attraction for prospective buyers with a budget that hits below what is required to get a new one. A few reasons why individuals should consider getting the iPad Air 2 include;

iPad Air 2


The internet has become the most fundamental source of information where we visit daily for different reasons. We all need it, be it to book a hotel, a flight, send an important email, or visit your favourite social media platform. The iPad Air 2, was designed with antennae\’s and uses the 802.11ac mechanism coupled with a 64-bit A7 processor to ensure the superb performance of the device and fast connectivity to the internet.

Playing games

As part of entertainment and passing time, there are many different games which individuals like to play, and an iPad can be the ideal gaming device for such persons. The iPad Air 2 has a high processing speed and graphics which have proved to be better than both PlayStation 3 and x-box 360. This feature enables the device to perform very well on the gaming arena and other functions which require the use of heavy graphics.


The iPad Air 2 device can be used to access music directly from iTunes or stream movies and cast on bigger apple TVs via a wireless network. There is as well the provision of parental locks options specifying the allowed content for showing to your children.

The shooting of quality videos and pictures

photography and videography are the only ways of capturing a moment in real-time that you will be able to view sometime in the future. Both smartphone users and other devices value photography for this reason and the ability to share unique pictures with friends and family. iPad Air 2 comes with an 8-megapixel rear camera which is a massive upgrade in its 5-megapixel predecessor on the iPad Air. The camera can take good photos and videos with higher resolutions in well-lit conditions. The front camera includes a 1.2-megapixel camera which is beneficial for video calling applications and taking of selfies although it is not as clear as the rear one.

Reading on the device

iPad courtesy of their relatively larger screen and their light nature, which can easily be lifted for extended periods present the user with options of reading e-books at very many angles. The relatively big screen will show pages with appropriate zooming options for visibility, and the screen can be brightened or dimmed depending on the reading environment. iPad Air 2 has a 9.7-inch screen suitable for the reading application and can effectively show the images on the pdfs and e-books with excellent clarity. Frequent readers should consider getting one of these devices for enhanced reading experiences and lots of space to store your many books on the relatively light device.

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