Top Reasons why you still need to buy a cheap iPhone 6S unlocked

If you are an iPhone fanatic, you know that Apple only offers the previous iPhone model after it has announced the new phone. At the moment, Apple is still selling the iPhone 6S smartphones, and this is a phone that is around three years old. iPhone 6S is one of the best models of the iPhone series, and this is the reason why Apple is still selling these phone years later, even after introducing the next iPhone models.

If you go to the Apple website and try to compare the specifications of the iPhone 8 and the iPhone, you will realize that these phones all look pretty similar to one another. The main difference that these phones have come from different chips that help dictate the performance of smartphones. These are some of the critical features that you need to look when you are at crossroads deciding on which iPhone model you should purchase. Some of the reasons why you still need to buy the iPhone 6s or the cheap iPhone 6s Unlocked are discussed below.


We all know that the price of an iPhone depreciates when a new model is introduced to the market. With the launching of the iPhone 8 and iPhone X series, the iPhone 6S price depreciated and became much more affordable. This is one of the many reasons why you need to consider purchasing an iPhone 6S mobile phone. Cheap iPhone 6S unlocked smartphones can be found in the market, and you should consider purchasing one if you are looking for a phone that meets the size of your wallet.


An advantage of purchasing an iPhone 6S smartphone is the beauty of its design. This smartphone comes in a colour that the new iPhones don’t have. The new iPhones such as iPhone 8 have three colours, which are; space grey, silver, and gold. The iPhone X has only two colours, which are silver and space grey. An advantage of purchasing iPhone 6S and also 6S plus is the fact that the phone comes in four colours, which are; rose gold, old and space grey colour which is shared with the other models. Both the iPhone 8 and iPhone X models don’t have the rose gold colour. Therefore, if you are a rose gold fan, then you might consider purchasing an iPhone 6S smartphone.

Identical to the iPhone 8 Model

If you are a person who values the design more than anything else, then you need to consider purchasing an iPhone X. iPhone X is one of the best-designed model of the iPhone series ever since the release of iPhone 6 back in 2014. iPhone 6s has an excellent design, and the design of this phone is nearly identical to the iPhone 8 model. Both these models have the same size of bezels around their display and have the same overall shape. The screen and resolutions of both the iPhone 6S and the iPhone8 are similar.

The main difference between these models is the hidden antenna stripes that the iPhone 8 smartphone has. Unlike the iPhone 6S, iPhone8 also has a glass back—this adds to the beautiful design of the phone. iPhone 6S is a good phone, and if you are looking for an affordable iPhone that has excellent features in and out, then make sure you look out for an iPhone 6S smartphone.