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The best selling phone in 2019


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The best selling phone in 2019

The iPhone XR was the winner of the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro launch. And in this post, I am going to explain why this is prefered over the iPhone 11 and it’s not just because of its cheaper.


With having tested the iPhone 11 and the XR, the iPhone 11 feels a lot better than the iPhone XR. This is due to the aluminium band that the XR has, which is less slippy but doesn’t feel as elegant in your hand.

The glass on the front and the back of the phone means it can be submerged in a variety of liquids for up to half an hour. There is also no headphone jack on this iPhone as well. It does have the edge to edge look like all of the new iPhones but there is a thicker bezel surrounding the screen which looks better if you have a coloured iPhone. There is a huge range of colours and I personally don’t think one of the colours look ugly and all react differently when the light hits its glass back.

Screen display

The display for the XR is Apples Liquid Retina display which is also used in the iPhone 11. The colours are a lot more visually pleasing than the previous iPhones, but I have started to notice a tinge in yellow on the screen. This might be because of the True Tone that Apple uses when you’re in different environments. You can also see any pixelation unless you really go looking for the individual pixels. When it comes to responsiveness Apple has not disappointed us. They use a 60Hz panel but the touch layer is 120Hz which is registered instantly.

Apple have done a great job when it has come to ensure that the corners of the screen and around the notch are perfectly in place without any misplaced pixes or unaligned edges. Which you might find on its Andriod competitors.


If you are moving from an iPhone 6 or iPhone 7 you will notice how everything flows better when using it, but if you have had the previous phone you will not really see any difference when it comes to responsiveness. This iPhone has Apples A12 Bionic SoC system with 3GB of RAM. The iPhone XR also has a great battery life, much better than the previous iPhones but doesn’t come with a fast charger.

Apple now don’t use their Touch ID fingerprint to unlock your phone, they now have put their trust in Face ID. Personally I was sceptical with Face ID, but Apple have made sure it can not be tricked by a photo and also learns your appearance over time. Which means if you have a hair cut or don’t shave your beard your phone will still recognise you.

New Features

With every new phone, there are new features. The iPhone XR has features that make things better for everyone. The new features include Group FaceTime with 32 people. Another one is Depth Control in real-time preview, which lets you adjust the bokeh effect in portraits while you are taking photos. You are also able to have two numbers with the use of Dual SIM for anyone in the need for two numbers.

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