The iPhone 7: Apple’s future

The iPhone 7 was the true step forward in what the iPhone was going to look like and be like in the future. While it is wrapped in a case that does still look like the two previous models. On the inside is what the future really holds for Apple. On the iPhone 7 Plus there is a dual camera system showing that Apple are focusing on mobile photography for the future of their smartphones. On this iPhone there is no longer a home button but a pressure sensors and a haptic vibration motors that simulate the feel of an actual button.

The design

There are four visual components that differentiate from the iPhone 6. One of features that needed to happen sooner or later was how the phone is now water resistant, so if you have any spillages onto your phone you wont have to worry about it damaging your phone. The second feature that no one was happy with in 2014, there is now no headphone jack. This is to free up the space of the bigger screen and bigger battery. The camera on the back of the phone is now curved into the casing making it more pleasing to look at. Lastly its the antenna lines on the back o the phone have now been coloured specificall for the matte black casing and the jet black casing.

The home button

The home button on the iPhone 7 is now a static button that now dosnt move at all. A linear vibration unit that Apple has named the Taptic Engine jolts when you apply pressure to the button, which makes it feel like there is an actual button there. You can change the way the button feels in the setting of the iPhone or when you have set up the iPhone. If you have one of the latest iMacs you will notice it is the same on the track pad. This is to stop the button from getting stuck like they did on the previous iPhones and iPods.


Apple never disappoint its users when it comes to camera quality on its iPhones. Just like all other Smartphone producers the cameras are always being upgraded with every new model that they release. On the iPhone 7 the lens is much faster than the previous iPhone 6s. The camera also has much better image stabilization which works much better in low light situations.


The iPhone 7 has the A10 Fusion Chip. It is a chip that has four cores which do two different things. Two of them are two high performance cores and the other two are two low powered cores that make the battery life on the phone better than it was in the iPhone 6s. It is very impressive that Apple have been able to create a processor that is still able to give you a high performance phone and save the battery life, giving you a much better phone experiance.