Is it worth buying a refurbished iPhone 7 in 2020?

Is a refurbished iPhone 7 worth the investment?

Apple products and second hand iPhones are like a must-own these days. Regardless of how steep their prices are, they always end up on our wish-list. You must have experienced waiting for the new upcoming model, continually checking out the prices, colours, and features online.

When it comes to wanting to own the latest iPhone model, you’ve got company. However, investing in a new iPhone can cost a fortune to so many people. But for this reason, you can save yourself by instead opting for a refurbished iPhone.

If you are looking for a genuine reason to invest in a refurbished iPhone 7, there are more than one.

Let us have a look at the advantages of a refurbished iPhone 7

  • You can buy a refurbished iPhone 7 from the Apple store itself. The highlight of getting it from the store is that the device will be tested and certified by the experts. The product will come with a new battery, outer shell, accessories, and cable. Apple also sends its refurbished and certified iOS devices in a brand new white box.
  • Refurbished iPhone 7 phones are great deals, you can look for a cheap second hand iPhone 7 in Silver right now. And if you are planning to get your hands on it, you might as well go for it. Online stores like Amazon will help you find budget-friendly devices without compromising the quality. The refurbished devices are tested and checked.
  • For more price range choices and colour varieties, trusted mobile retailers are great options. Most of the time, you can negotiate for an unexpectedly good price. Big retailers usually have all colours of the model, so you not only get to save money but also buy the device you like.
  • There are so many iPhone 7 secondhand buyers these days. It is because this model is strikingly sleek and beautiful. Refurbished and secondhand devices are slightly different. However, most secondhand dealers erase previous old data and setting to reset with your current information like when you get a new device.
  • Dents, scratches, audio, and camera quality are major concerns. But when you go for a refurbished device, those are the priorities they will first attend. They are as good as new, and the price is a good treat.

Points to look out while buying a secondhand iPhone 7

  • The first thing you need to remember before getting your hands on this secondhand iOS device is to do a little research on the new product, so you know what exactly you are looking for when you visit the store.
  • Always ask for original receipts or any other documentation as proof that the device they are selling to you is genuine and trustworthy.
  • Make sure that there are no signs of an existing or old iCloud account on the phone. Check the reset option and set up with your security details, and now you are good to go.

Bottom line

Apple has continuously surprised us with its new and stunning iPhone releases. And with all the advanced features and specifications comes a high-end price tag.

A refurbished phone or second hand iPhone 7 is always a safe and smart alternative if all you want is to own an iOS device and also save money at the same time.