Our Refurbished iPhone 7 Mobile Phones

Refurbished phones can offer users an affordable way to stay up to date with the latest releases. All mobile handsets that are supplied to our customers by Used Mobiles 4U are tested against our strict in house policies and are assured to be of the highest quality when our customers receive them.

The iPhone 7 was originally released in 2016 to universal acclaim. As an update on the already popular iPhone standard, the iPhone 7 saw an update to many of the stand out features. Our selection of Refurbished iPhone 7’s are available in a variety of conditions and are always guaranteed to be a fraction of the regular retail price.

Dual Camera Function

The iPhone 7 saw an updated rear camera. The 12-megapixel camera creates incredibly detailed images. The telephoto, wide-angle lens is equipped with OIS (optical image stabilisation) similar to its predecessor, the iPhone 6S. This hardware helps in the reduction of motion blur and the effect of shaking hands on the clarity of your image.

The hardware updates in our range of Refurbished iPhone 7 supports the creation of stunning imagery and photography. True Tone flash is also updated and increased to an amazing 50% higher than the iPhone 6S.

Operating System

At the time of its release, the iPhone 7 was the epitome of Apple’s software with it’s integrated A10 Fusion Chip and iOS 10 operating system. With the software updates, the iPhone 7 performed twice as fast as the iPhone 6 and the 64-bit architecture chip allows the iPhone 7 to operate a staggering 40 times faster than the iPhone 6S A9 chip. The updated chip and iOS of our Refurbished iPhone 7’s create a seamless and swift experience for the handset user.

Screen and Battery Updates

The iPhone 7 possesses a screen that is 25% brighter than predecessors and with added light comes a spectrum of colour. The 4.7-inch, full colour, retina HD display was the brightest and most vibrant iPhone screen to date at the time of its release.

The iPhone 7 has increased and extended battery life, allowing for up to 14 hours of talk time between charges. The updated functionalities and software/hardware capabilities of the iPhone 7 required a battery that could provide adequate power.

The iPhone 7 is also one of the most robust iPhones to be created as it is splash and water-resistant and is available in 2 new colours; new black and jet black.


All Refurbished iPhone 7’s supplied to customers of Used Mobiles 4 U are ensured to be top quality. Our strict grading system ensures that all handsets are efficiently tested and graded to represent their quality.

If you are searching for a high quality, functional and beautiful handset that can keep up with your daily tasks, shop our line of Refurbished iPhone 7’s.