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Should you buy a second hand iPhone 6?


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Why you should buy a second hand and refurbished iPhone 6 phone

Should you buy a second hand iPhone 6?

If you’re one of those people who wants to own an iPhone because you’re starting to get annoyed with Android, or you want to experience IOS, or even just for the sake of buying an iPhone, you might be tempted by the iPhone 6s. There is a lot of information on the internet stating that the iPhone 6s is impressive for its value in 2020, it’s the best buy and so much more. In the end, is all of the statements true? Should you be buying the iPhone 6s now? We will be tackling that question in this article. So, if you’re planning to buy an iPhone 6s, take a bit of time to read through this article.

Is a second hand iPhone 6 the right choice?

A refurbished iPhone 6S device presents a lot of flagship-level features at a small price. For example, it has a good camera that supports 4k at 30 fps and has OIS for better stabilisation. Furthermore, the benchmark of the iPhone 6s, in new condition, is around 132,620. These might seem amazing specs for the price level, but actually, you’re getting fooled.

Is a refurbished phone as good as a new phone?

There is a drastic difference between a new iPhone 6s and a refurbished iPhone 6s. The reason for this is the device’s active age. A few years back, news circulated that Apple had started to slow down its devices with software updates. This is partially true. Like the iPhone 6s ages, its battery health degrades. The software then slows down the phone concerning the condition of the battery. This was initially introduced to maintain a healthy lifespan for the device but ended up becoming a nightmare. If you end up buying an iPhone 6s with a terrible battery, you’ll have to cope with enormous lags.

Are there better options?

In the £150 price range, you’ll get tons of android alternatives that are not shabby at all. You might be losing some flagship features like the OIS or waterproofing, but it does not make for a bad deal. You will get a Snapdragon 660+ chipset that can fetch you scores of over 140,000, making way for sober performance. You’ll get dual to triple-camera setups and full hd+ displays. The best thing is that you’ll get a lot of high-end refurbished iPhones in this price range that might even fetch you those flagship-level features!


You need to be careful and do quite a bit of research before taking this step and buying a refurbished phone. There are a lot of android alternatives you could try. If you’re rooted in the plan of buying an iPhone, then you could search for at least a refurbished iPhone 7 within your price range. You need to check quite a few things before buying the iPhone, the most notable being its battery health. If the battery health is terrible, you need to replace it, which will cost you a lot. Therefore keep these few things in mind before taking the step to stay safe from a wrong decision.

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