What to expect from iOS 14

What to expect from iOS 14

Apple has released the date of when iOS 14 is coming to our Apple iPhones. Apple still hasn’t shown us what the iPhone 12 will look like but with this operating system being released soon the iPhone 12 will soon follow.

What’s new?

On this update, we will finally see widgets on the home screen. Apple is also bringing features that we have in the iPadOS like the picture-in-picture feature and Siri is also getting smarter. You will be able to ask Siri more detailed and complicated questions and has been visually upgraded so it is visually better for you to look at.

Will your iPhone be able to get the new iOS Update?

If your iPhone is currently using iOS 13 then you will be able to get iOS 13. If you have any of these following phones then you will be able to update the latest version of iOS;

Apple Car Play

If you are able to use car play with your car there is going to be a few changes that are might be great for some people. Like with every Car Play update, there is going to be a change to the background and new categories of the Apps.

The big thing that will be exciting is the use of digital car keys. This has only been confirmed to be a single product on the 2021 BMW 5 Series but we can see it coming to various other cars not long after. Your car key will be stored in your iPhones secure Element but you will be able to share with other people through iMessage. Don’t worry though because you will be able to limit, or revoke remotely at a later date.


iMessage will allow you to pin a conversation to the top of the screen. You will also be able to set the notifications in group messages to only show when you have been mentioned. At the top of the group, you will also be able to see who is in the group and the people who have recently spoken in the chat will be larger.

Memoji will also have an update so you will now be able to find the perfect hairstyle for you and the right headwear. There will also be face covering and more age options along with new sticker poses

Apple Maps

Later this year Apple released a new version of Maps and they spent some time promoting its new features and capabilities. Apple Maps will also be functioning much better in other countries that you might visit. You will be able to download guides for cities around the world which you will be able to save and then come back to when you visit. Apple have also integrated more eco-friendly navigation assistance for directions for cycling and electric vehicles.