Why buy a Cheap iPhone 7 from Used Mobiles 4 U

A refurbished phone can be an easy way to get your hands on a high quality, Cheap iPhone 7. By investing in a refurbished phone, you can be sure that you are receiving a phone that is in near factory fresh condition at a fraction of the regular retail price. The iPhone 7 is a unique and exceptional handset that improves on many of the already stand out features of the iPhone. New updates include the camera system, increased battery life and overall enhancements of the casings.

If you are looking for a robust yet sleek and modern smartphone that can keep up with your day to day life, the iPhone 7 is the perfect companion.

Superior Camera Quality

iPhone’s are known for their exceptional quality cameras and photography, and the iPhone 7 continues with this trend. With an updated system, the iPhone 7 is equipped with two 12 megapixel, wide-angle and telephoto cameras that work in tandem to create beautifully sharp and detailed images. With OIS (optical image stabilization) as a standard, the iPhone 7 produces images that are superior to the iPhone 6. The OIS helps to reduce shakiness and motion blur in an image and allows longer exposures that its predecessor.

Not only is our Cheap iPhone 7 handset equipped with two cameras, but it is also assured to have increased and improved systems to complement this hardware update. True Tone Flash is now 50% brighter and has surpassed the quality of its predecessor.

Display and internal processor

Our refurbished, Cheap iPhone 7 handsets are topped with a full 4.7-inch retina display and the powerful, A10 Apple Fusion Chip. This handset’s screen is a colour display, LCD Multi-Touch display with IPs technology. Users can be sure that the beautifully crafted display and powerful internal processor work in tandem to create a seamless and exceptional experience. Apple has claimed that the A10 Fusion chip is 40 times faster than the iPhone 6S A9 chip.

25% brighter and more colourful than previous iPhone screens, our Cheap iPhone 7 handsets offer users a luminous and immersive experience.

Battery Life and Other Features

At the time of its release, the iPhone 7 had the longest battery life of any iPhone previously released. With increased functionality, the iPhone 7 needed to have a battery life that could cope.

Other features of the iPhone 7 include improved Wi-Fi and Mobile Data capabilities, allowing users the most reliable roaming service. The specifications of the iPhone 7 include 450Mbps and faster 4G LTE.


The iPhone 7 is a fantastic handset that is capable of a myriad of functions.
If you are looking for a highly reliable, robust and stylish handset that has exceptional functionality, our range of Cheap iPhone 7’s could be what you are looking for. Our refurbished phones are always tested against our strict policy and are guaranteed to be in the finest condition upon arrival.