Top Reasons Why You Should Buy the iPhone 8 instead of the iPhone X

It’s a no brainer iPhone X is the type of phone that everybody’s talking about and everyone wants to have. The big reason why not everyone is purchasing this phone is its high price, which starts at $999. In the history of iPhone’s, iPhone X is the most advanced Apple mobile product ever created. By the fact that this iPhone is expensive, if you don’t have the money that can afford an iPhone X, then it is better you settle for the previous model of the iPhone series which is the iPhone 8. If you are tight on budget, you can opt to purchase a used iPhone 8 for sale smartphone. In this article, we highlight some of the top reasons why you should buy the iPhone 8 instead of the highly expensive iPhone X.


As stated earlier on the iPhone X is an expensive phone, and this is why a person should reconsider purchasing an iPhone 8 phone. iPhone 8 goes for $699 for 64GB and $849 for 256 GB. The 8 Plus iPhone costs around $800 and $950 for 64 GB and 256GB respectively. iPhone X, on the other hand, cost $999 and $1150 for 64GB and 256GB respectively. If you do the math properly, you will see that purchasing an iPhone 8 phone saves you money as opposed to purchasing iPhone X.

Home Button

Are you a fan of the iPhone home button? If you are the lot that loves buttoned phones, then reconsider purchasing iPhone 8 phone or a previous version of the iPhone series. The future of the iPhone is buttonless, and iPhone X is the first of the iPhone models to go buttonless.

It’s either you purchase the iPhone 8 phone that has a home button or get an Android phone that has the home button. Another advantage of using the home button of the iPhone 8 is the fingerprint scanner. The home button of iPhone 8 has a fingerprint scanner that you can use to unlock your device.


It’s not everyone who is in search of the thinnest and lightest phone out there. However, if you prefer light phones, then you need to purchase the original iPhone8 or a used iPhone 8 for sale. iPhone 8 is the best option out there—the phone weights 148 grams with a depth of 7.3 millimetres or 0.28 inches. The iPhone X phone is slightly heavier than iPhone 8; the phone weighs 177grams with a depth of 7.7mm. This is among the few reasons why you need to purchase an iPhone 8.

Water Resistance and Wireless Charging

Water resistance and wireless charging are among the few features that iPhone X is packed with. But just like the iPhone X, iPhone 8 is a phone that supports wireless charging. The phone is quite compatible with the Qi wireless chargers.

iPhone8 is waterproof in about one meter of water for 30 minutes. Despite iPhone 8 being waterproof, iPhone X is more waterproof than its predecessor. Apple claims that iPhone X can be submerged in around two meters of water for 30 minutes.