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Why I like the iPhone 7


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Why I like the iPhone 7

Here is the iPhone 7. This phone was released back in 2016 and was the footprint of what Apple was going to do with its future iPhone range. Which we are now able to see when we have the iPhone X and the iPhone 11. You could maybe say the look of the iPhone hasn’t changed, but in this iPhone that doesn’t matter. Its the components and what is inside the iPhone is what really matters. In this blog I am going to go through different components that I like about this iPhone and also tell you why have done certain things.

The Home Button 

If you have gone from the iPhone 6s to the iPhone 7, the iPhone button will take some getting use to. Apple have replaced the home button with a static button that now has Force Touch Technology found in its MacBook Pro products. Instead of clicking into a button the, static button now vibrates when you aply pressure to the specific area. You are also able to change the vibration of the button when you first get the iPhone or after. Which you are able to find in the settings. This has been put into place because with other products that had the homebutton, they started to get stuck and break. This should be very difficult to do now, so this is a very helpful feature.

The speed

The iPhone 7 was the first iPhone to have the A10 Fusion Chip, which includes a four core design. Two of the core processors is what powers the iPhone 7 giving you a better user experience when playing games and using different types of apps. The other two core processors are there to save the battery life. So you are now able to use your phone for longer and still use it to its full potential. Which you couldnt really do with the iPhone 6s.

Headphone Jack

On the iPhone 7, there is no headphone jack. Apple has said there is no headphone jack because they needed space for the other components inside the phone. These components are the cameras, the Taptic Engine (even though it is exactly the same in the iPhone 6s), but most importantly Apple created the extra space for the bigger battery. It was also a lot easier to make the iPhone more water resistant if they removed one of the holes, but I cant see this as being one of the main issues.

Apple does provide you with a pair of its AirPods headphones which is attached to a lighting connector. It also included a dongle so you can use your old traditional headphones.


The features of this iPhone do make up for the missing headphone jack. This was the best smartphone that was on the market at its time. I have had this phone for a good two years and it is the best iPhone I have had so far. It fits perfect in my hand and I have a had o problems due to functionality or performance.

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