Should you get a Samsung Galaxy A6?

With a lot of Samsung phones, they have the best technology, gorgeous design and excellent displays. However, having all of the top specs in the phone world does come at an expensive price. This is why Samsung brought out a range of phones that are much cheaper but are still a high-quality phone to have. The Samsung Galaxy A6 is one of these phones. It is the budget phone for the Samsung Galaxy S9.

Even though it is still a budget phone it did come at quite a high price for some people.

In today’s blog, I am going to review why you should consider a second hand Samsung Galaxy A6.

What does it look like?

The most popular look that you will find on nearly every smartphone is the metal casing surrounded by r-enforced glass. What you seem to find on this phone is, instead of glass, you get a phone surrounded by aluminium with thin non-metallic loops on the back for the phone’s antennas. These loops are visually important because this stops the Samsung Galaxy A6 from just being a plain block of metal.

On the front of the phone, you will find a 5.6” Super AMOLED screen, which is slightly curved at the sides. Even though the resolution is less than the Samsung Galaxy S9, Samsung has made sure that this phone still has a good OLED screen

What is the battery life like?

What you seem to find in the Samsung Galaxy A6 is a 3,000mAh battery. Which in reality doesn’t sound that big of a battery for a phone that has a 5.6” screen. Although because of the phones’ lower screen resolution, the phone has better battery life. Samsungs OLED screens are one of the most efficient screens on the market.

The phone doesn’t support fast charging and takes at least a good 2 hours to be fully charged which might last you a day and a half. It uses a micro USB socket to charge, rather than USB-C.

How good is the camera?

The Samsung Galaxy A6 has a 16MP camera that is assisted with an ultra-fast f/1.7 aperture. As you would expect, these cameras do not disappoint, they are able to capture great images in high resolution which can be hard to find with a second-hand phone. In perfect lighting conditions, this phone is fantastic but if you do come across difficult lighting situations you might find it hard to capture the right image.

My overall opinion

I personally feel that this second-hand mobile is great for anyone who does like a cheap android phone that ticks most boxes for people who do use the screen for a long period of time. I also do like the all-metal casing that surrounds the phone, unlike other phones which are surrounded by glass, your entire phone will not shatter. The only thing I would change on this phone is the cameras or at least the aperture to make dark lighting pictures a better quality.