What can we expect from the iOS 14 update?

As the years have gone on, Apple has updated their iOS system every year for the iPhone. This year we can expect the new update will come with some new features. We expect to see this update in autumn for iPhone.


There are four new features that we could expect to be in this year’s iOS update. Apple is expected to bring out a fitness app which will also link to your Apple Watch and Apple TV. You will be able to access fitness and workout videos that you will be able to download. The type of videos will be a large range of videos that go from walking to strength training. If you have an Apple Watch you will be able to track your progress and see it on any Apple device.

The messages app will also allow you to tag people in messages if you are in a group chat and also to react to those messages as well. There is also a rumour that you’ll be able to set third-party apps as the default, such as Chrome and Gmail. Apple is also in the development of the Apple Pencil. This will allow you to write text and then it will be converted into normal messages.

iPadOS 14 Features

As the iPad has become more popular Apple has given it its own iOS update. Even tho they will include very similar features the iPadOS will have some very unique features. Apple has been working on an auto-disappearing cursor. Which is when an Apple mouse has been connected but it hasn’t been moved or touch for a while is that it will simply turn off. Don’t worry, it will reappear when it is moved or touched again.

Is my phone eligible?

For the new iOS update your phone has to be compatible with iOS 13. The phones that will be able to have the new update are listed below:

So if you still have an iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus your phone will still be able to have the new update, which is a shock because the phone is now 5 years old.

Is it going to be reliable?

If you have experienced any bugs when it has come to the previous iOS 13 update, the new update will fix any bugs that we have experienced in the past but also preventing them. However I can see this update to have more bugs than ever because of the third-party apps being set as defaults, but only time can tell.