Why Should you Buy an iPhone?

 No matter what system you have used in the past, there is always a debate about which is better. Is its Apples iOS or android. No matter if you have bought an iPhone or an Android you think you have the best system there is on the market. However, there are a lot more people who use Apple than Android so what is the main reason? In today’s blog, I am going to talk about why and how people buy more iPhones than Android phones.

The operating system

Believe it or not but most people have tried both Andriod and iOS and every time people prefer the iOS system every time. This might be due to the actual interface and design that Apple has made so well. Alot of people also like how Apple iPhones are working right out of the box because with some Andriod operating systems you have to customize the phone extensively. Siri would also be a reason why people would buy an Apple phone or are big fans of the apps that are already installed on the phone. For me I do like the overall design, I just think that iOS is more smooth and visually appealing.

You can all the apps you want

Another great reason why you should buy an iPhone instead of an Andriod phone is because of all the apps that you are able to use and download. Apple has a huge range of apps that you are able to download extremely quickly. You are also offered the best apps on the market. Even though the best ones might be available on Andriod first Apple is not far behind to have the apps on their app store. So if you are picking a phone based on the applications that it can offer you then an iPhone is the perfect phone for you.

Connecting your other Apple devices

If you are debating on what phone to next buy and you already have Apple products, such as a Mac or an Apple Watch then the iPhone is the smartphone for you. You are able to use third-party apps that you can use across your devices but they just aren’t as good. Apple allows you to take advantage of its operating system to make it easy for the functionality and it has a much easier flow. With your devices being linked together you are able to have all of your information in one location.

They are easier to resell

If someone buys that latest iPhone and then after a year or so sell the phone to get the latest one they have no problem reselling the phone. They are so popular that no matter what type of iPhone it is, it will always resell. The best thing about reselling your iPhone is you are able to get the money instantly. However, if you can’t afford the newest iPhone you can always able to find the last generation of the phone at an amazing price.