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Features of the iPhone 7


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Features of the iPhone 7

The iPhone 7 was realised in 2016 alongside the iPhone 7 Plus. Apples previous Phone before this one was the iPhone 6 and if you have become familiar with the iPhone 7, you will know it is a massive upgrade from the previous model. The iPhone 7 includes a lot of colour options and is water and dust resistant making it a very compact and durable phone. 

System and sound quality

Apple installed the A10 fusion chip into this iPhone which has increased the processing speed, efficiency and battery life of the iPhone 7. The A10 Chip has a new core design and has two high performance cores and another two which are high efficiency cores that work together to proved you with a better user experience. The Core chip allows you to run ten times faster than the previous Apple model and gives you at least two more hours on the battery life.

As for the sound system, the iPhone 7 comes with stereo speakers that produce two times the audio output of the iPhone 6s. This enables you to have a better dynamic range. For anyone who doesn’t know what that means, no matter how high the volume is on the phone you will not loose any sound quality.

The camera system 

We all know when there is a neww thone that comes out, also means new cameras. The camera system on the iPhone 7 has a dual camera system and ISP technology that allow you to get sharper and higher quality pictures. You are also able to get much closer by increasing th optical zoom by 2x. This allows you to capture and shoot pictures or videos at x10 or x6. There is also a new feature so you can take pictures as portraits helping you pick the best selfie.

Dust and water resistant

This is the first ever iPhone to be water and dust resistant. This is to the enclosed casing all the way around the phone and fused together so no dust particles can get inside the phone hardware or screen. You can now relax when you have spilt, splashed or been a dusty area as the iPhone 7 will stop allowing that. I have had this phone now for about 2 years now and I have had the odd spillage onto the phone and I have no issues with it at all.


You might have noticed now that this iPhone doesn’t have a headphone jack. Apple have taken away the headphone jack to free up the space for a bigger battery and bigger screen. However you are now not able to use the headphones that you might own unless you buy the adapter. However if you do have bluetooth headphones or earphones you are able to pair them up to this phone so you can still listen to your music in private.

Apple have moved away from the Headphone Jack and are now pushing the more modern AirPods that do come separately and are quite expensive. The AirPods were built in-mind for this particular phone and are very high quality.

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