A review of The Samsung watch: Samsung Gear S2 Classic.

Samsung Gear S2 Classic: Review

If you have been struggling to look for the right smartwatch for your second hand phone then this one is one to consider. The Samsung Gear S2 is the first wearable Android watch to catch your attention but its the Samsung Gear S2 Classic that really is the one that you want.

This Samsung Gear S2 Classic has all of the features that the Samsung Gear S2 has it is just a more fashionable watch to wear. However, the question is should you buy one? In today’s blog, I am going to review the Samsung Gear S2 Classic and tell you why it could be the perfect accessory for you.

How does it look?

Instead, of going down the same route as other as other smartwatch designs. This Samsung Gear S2 Classic has gone down the route of a traditional watch. This model is slightly smaller than other smartwatches and uses more traditional methods to attach the watch straps.

On our site, the watch strap that comes with this Samsung Gear S2 Classic is the original leather black band to match its black watch casing. There are not many options when it comes to customizing the watch band but you wouldn’t want to when the watch looks like this.

How does it function?

On this particular smartwatch, you can find a rotating dial that has bezels around the face of the watch which you can turn. Its home button is placed at the right side of the watch and the back button is placed at the top right of the watch. By turning the dial on the face of the watch is how you navigate the watches system. By turning the dial to the right, your watch will take you to the widgets that you have selected. Turning the dial to the left will send you to take you to your call log and your text messages.

How good are the applications?

When the first Samsung smartwatch has released the applications weren’t the best and there wasn’t much range. However with new applications that have been developed and now there is a better range of apps to choose from that have better functionality.

The watch is compatible with many other phones but there is no struggle now when it comes to functioning on different devices. You can also customize certain features in the apps to make them perfect to you.


At first glance, this is a great looking smartwatch and is perfect for anyone who is looking fora smartwatch but prefers the classic watch look. With its size o the screen being smaller it fit comfortably on your wrist. Its also great to have if you like changing your brand of phone. With it being compatible with most phones it is great for that type of person.

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative then this smartwatch is perfect for anyone looking for something that is compatible with a second hand smartphone.