What do I actually think of the iPhone 7?

With Apple bringing out other iPhones such as the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X the iPhone 7 has gotten much cheaper. Which is great for people who cant afford to buy the more recent models. I have had the iPhone 7 for at least two years now, but is it still worth having today? That is the question that we are going to answer today. In today’s blog, I am going to take you through why you should still consider buying an iPhone 7.

How does it look?

Just with the design you can there is now a really good feature if you happen to have to drop your phone in water. The phone chassis is now water-resistant and this is due to taking away the headphone jack. When the phone was released this did cause some issues for people who did buy expensive headphones and was not able to use them any more.

The rest of the phone, however, it is based off a design that was used on previous models and also has the exact same screen size. Unless you get the iPhone 7 Plus.

How good is the battery?

Apple has said that the battery life efficiency has been improved due to the A10 Fusion Chip. This means Apples has been able to create a chip that will only use the battery the most when it is needed. For example, if you are using the phone for emails and texting it won’t use the battery as much but if you are using the phone where it requires to use alot of screen time then it will use more if the battery.

Charging the phone is really quick if the phone has died but if you are just topping the phone’s battery up this can take some time. By also removing the headphone jack and no longer having a button it leaves room for a bigger battery.

How good is the camera?

When this phone was released it had one of the best cameras on the market. On the rear of the iPhone 7, we can find a 12MP lens which has an improved aperture of f/1.8 making the colour capture work extremely well. With the aperture also being increased the camera now works really well in low light situations.

The front-facing camera has also been improved to 7MP which also works well in low light situations. For as cheap as this phone is the camera quality is really worth it.


Looking at all the phone has to offer I can see that there is better phones now on the market and they do come at a price. I have had the iPhone 7 for a while now and I have never had any issues with it at all. Comparing it to other more expensive phones I would choose this phone every time just because of the quality of the iPhone 7 and at what price it is at.