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Comparing the pros and cons of New vs. Refurbished phones


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Comparing the pros and cons of New vs. Refurbished phones

Comparing the pros and cons of New vs. Refurbished phones

Are you in the market for a new phone but aren’t sure whether to buy new or refurbished? It’s a decision that can be tough to make, especially when you’re trying to balance cost and quality. In this blog post, we’re going to look at the pros and cons of new phones versus refurbished phones to help you make the best decision. Firstly, we’ll look at what a new phone is and then what a refurbished one is.

Overview of New Phones

A new phone is just that, new. Basically, a phone is a mobile electronic device that is made to help you stay connected with people from all corners of the world. But, a new phone can offer a range of features that can improve communication, entertainment, productivity, and convenience. Newer phones can do anything from making voice calls and sending text messages to browsing the internet, capturing photos and videos, playing games, and accessing social media platforms.

A new phone has a bunch of hardware components, like a powerful processor, memory and storage, camera, and long-lasting battery. They also have more connectivity options, like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, and cellular data networks, which allow people to stay connected to the internet.

Overview of Refurbished Product

Refurbished phones are pre-owned devices that have been restored to their original working condition by a manufacturer, retailer or third-party repair company. These phones were either returned by customers because of bugs or were traded in for newer phones. These phones are then fixed, tested, and verified to ensure their quality before being put up for sale again. The refurbishment process updates the software and firmware, and tests the phone’s functionality to make sure that it meets the manufacturer’s standards. Once the phone has passed all the tests, it is then repackaged with all the original accessories. Then it is sent to stores to be sold at a lower price. 

Refurbished phones come in various grades from A to C grades. A-grade phones are almost new and C-grade phones have some wear and tear. The price of a refurbished phone depends on its condition, age, features, and the demand in the market. Refurbished phones offer consumers a way to save money while still getting a high-quality device. They are an eco-friendly option because they reduce electronic waste and carbon footprint by reusing parts from other working phones. Moreover, they often come with a warranty or guarantee. This gives people peace of mind because they are getting a reliable phone.

Pros of new Phones

Warranty Coverage

Simply put, warranty coverage is the assurance a person gets that what they buy will last. This protection covers problems in manufacturing or materials that can affect the performance of the product. Also, you should know that different products will have different levels of coverage. This will depend on the manufacturer and the type of product being purchased. 

It’s important to know that not all issues with a phone will be covered under warranty. For example, if you drop your phone and crack the screen, this would not be covered under warranty because it was caused by you and not the manufacturers.

Latest Features

Newer features on new phones are a huge selling point for many people these days. From the latest camera technology to improved battery life and larger storage capacities, new phones seem to have it all. However, even with all these attractive features that come with a new phone, many people still hesitate when trying to choose to buy new or refurbished phones.

No Wear and Tear

One of the biggest advantages of buying a new phone over a refurbished phone is the fact that there isn’t any risk of wear and tear on your device. New phones will have no visible damage, but with time and use, they begin to show wear and tear anyway.

Personalization Options

Newer phones come in different colours. They come with different looks. And so, you get to customize the phone based on your personality. Chances are that you will still buy a cover and screen protector which will add to that personality you’re looking for.

Boosted Performance

Boosted performance is the main reason people want new phones instead of refurbished ones. With new phones, you can expect the latest software updates and hardware. This means you can enjoy faster processing speeds, smoother multitasking, and improved battery life. However, even with all these attractive features that come with a new phone, many people still hesitate when choosing.

Pros of Refurbished Phones

Refurbished phones have most of the features that newer phones have. They have almost all the same features as we spoke about in the passage about new phones. From voice calls and sending text messages to browsing the internet, capturing photos and videos, playing games, and accessing social media platforms. Any phone can do that. So why choose refurbished over new? Let us show you.


Sustainability is becoming more important for consumers, especially when it comes to their phones. However, people want to save money when buying a device. Refurbished phones are more sustainable because they are made from recycled materials and reduce electronic waste. They may have a little less processing power or battery life than a new device, but it is hardly noticeable.


Refurbished phones go through testing and get repaired before being resold. This makes them a better option for people who want to save money. They are cheaper because they use recycled parts from throw-away phones. That doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with them.


If something goes wrong with your phone, having a warranty can be what you need to get it fixed. Refurbished phones do come with warranties that can be given because the refurbishers are certified to fix phones. They know what they are doing and can guarantee that you are getting good quality.

Less potential bugs

One advantage of buying a refurbished phone is that there are fewer bugs because the phone has already been tested. If you think about it, they have been around for a few years longer and people have already reported issues. Manufacturers have then gone and fixed those problems.

Can be a good option for those in need of a backup phone, or for kids as their first device

A child’s first phone is a big step, and for some parents, this means considering a new or a refurbished device. Children do not need the newest features of a phone yet. But we understand that parents want to give their children the best. Refurbished phones can do everything that newer phones can. Your child won’t even notice that there is a difference.

Also, if you have a bit of extra cash, then buy a refurbished phone. You never know what will happen in life and having a spare phone can always come in handy. If your one device breaks at least you have a spare one while you save for a newer one.

With refurbished phones, the phone has been through a rigorous refurbishing process. In this process any damaged or worn components are replaced, making sure that the phone looks and feels new. This means you can have the same processing speeds and battery life as a newer phone. 

Cons of New Phones


Depreciation is when a product gets loses value over time. This happens with both new and old phones. Newer phones will become less valuable in a year or two because newer models come out. Although these newer products can be nicer to have, trying to keep up with the latest trends can get exhausting.

Potential Bugs

New phones come with the latest software and hardware features but they have glitches that have not yet been ironed out. The manufacturers may have tried their best to test that there are no bugs, and though uncommon, users may come across them from time to time.

Environmental Impact

One of the cons of buying a brand-new phone is its environmental impact. Making a new phone needs a lot of energy and resources. This adds to carbon emissions and other environmental issues. Some harmful chemicals that are used in phone making are lead, cadmium, and mercury. These chemicals can leach into the soil during the making when waste is being disposed of. The limited recycling of phones is a risk to human health and the environment.


Sometimes you just want to upgrade your phone. Newer phones may not be an option for some because it’s going to burn a hole in their pocket. Yes, you may have the latest phone, but your pocket won’t reflect that. So, because newer devices are more costly some may not need them and look at buying cheaper ones.

Cons of Refurbished Phones

Wear and Tear

Because refurbished phones use recycled parts, there is a small chance of having a small dent or scratch. Even though these phones go through a thorough inspection process and are fixed to be like new again, there’s always a chance that the phone may not function as well as a brand-new one.

No Personalization Options

When it comes to refurbished phones, there are no personalization options. These small problems can easily be fixed by buying a new cover or adding a small colourful/basic accessory.

Sometimes has a slower performance

Slower performance is a common disadvantage of refurbished phones. They often come with outdated hardware that cannot keep up with some of the latest apps and software updates. The refurbisher normally does their best to get the latest software updates on the phone. This does help the phone run more smoothly. 

Additionally, refurbished phones are often more affordable than their brand-new counterparts, making them a great option for those who have a tight budget. While some people may prefer the newest and shiniest phone on the market, others may find that a refurbished phone provides them with all of the features they need at less of the cost.

So there you have it, some of the pros and cons of buying a new phone versus a refurbished one. Both new and refurbished come with pros and cons. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide what’s most important when purchasing a new device.

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