Is it worth buying a used iPhone 7 Plus in 2020?

Is The iPhone 7 Plus Still Worth It In 2020?

New phones are launching at a rapid pace. Every other day you’ll see a modern phone pop up in the stores and listed on the online websites. Some bring crazy new features while some try to provide all that they can at a low price. One significant benefit of this is that older phones are becoming cheaper daily, especially the older flagships. When the iPhone 7 plus launched back in the year 2016, it was priced at over £700. Right now, you can grab a used iPhone 7 Plus for a price below £250! The question is, will it be worth buying a 4-year-old iPhone? Read the full article to find out, or shop for the cheapest and best refurbished iPhones on the market.

Can the iPhone 7 plus compete with newer phones?

The answer is, yes! It can compete with the newer android alternatives that have been launched. One of the significant factors contributing to the strength of the iPhone 7 plus is its A10 fusion processor. With fantastic benchmark scores, it will outperform any android phones within the $500 price range. Furthermore, the user experience is excellent because of Apple’s top-notch software support. Your 4-year-old iPhone 7 plus will run the latest iOS iteration, this level of software support is something that android users dream. Adding to that, you’ll get all the flagship bells and whistles along with he phone: a top-notch camera, OIS support, waterproofing and much more.

iPhone 7 Plus has the best accessories

Adding high-quality external camera lenses, to adding wireless charging capabilities and extra battery capacity through cases, you can customise the iPhone 7 plus however you want. This is applicable for most of the iPhones; they have the best third-party accessory support. Replacing your – screen guard, charger, earphones, cases will be straightforward, and you’ll have a million choices.

What the iPhone 7 Plus does best

The iPhone 7 plus right now provides impressive specs at a fantastic price and offers excellent exposure to the Apple ecosystem. If you’re planning to shift from Androids to iPhones, this is the right time and device. Furthermore, it’s a fantastic upgrade for the people using an older iPhone as well! You’ll get excellent performance mixed with superior camera quality without any questions asked. Hurry up scavenge the internet and look for the best deal for second hand phones!

Buy a second hand iPhone 7 Plus in 2020

Buying a second hand iPhone 7 Plus in 2020 at a price below £250 is a fantastic deal. There are no alternatives that can match the performance and quality of the iPhone 7 plus at that price range. It has some of the best camera features, especially videography capabilities. Furthermore, it’s a vivid screen, and loud sounding speakers make it an excellent device to consume media. All of this and it still maintains its thin, light, and ergonomic build. The vast accessory range is one of the best add on points in favour of the iPhone 7 plus. Make sure that you hurry up and buy our iPhone 7 plus matte black before it goes out of stock. You can also go for a refurbished one after thoroughly checking the phone.