iPhone 5S Blog

Released in 2013, this 7th generation iPhone was introduced to the public on 10th September of that year. On the surface, it is identical to its predecessor the iPhone 5, but if you scratch beneath the surface, just a little, and you’ll see that the iPhone 5S has a myriad of new and exciting features that have never been seen in an iPhone before. Our stock of refurbished iPhone 5S may be an older handset, but they’ve stood the test of time. Below, we’ve listed just a few reasons why buying refurbished phones are a great way to get an exceptional mobile phone for a discounted price.

What’s new about the iPhone 5S?

Possibly the most noticeable difference at first glance would be the addition of a new colour scheme. Becoming a signature colour scheme for future iPhone releases, the now iconic white and gold handset was first introduced with the iPhone 5S upgrade.

As the handset and screen size are identical to the previous model, you can be forgiven for mistaking this for the iPhone 5. However, the internal workings are significantly improved. Boasting a 64- bit dual-core system at its disposal, the iPhone 5S is a much more powerful mobile phone. When purchasing a refurbished phone from us, you can be sure that this impressive, internal processor is in exceptional condition.

Addition of Touch ID

The iPhone 5S also introduced a then new and exciting feature; Touch I.D. Sounding like something from your favourite Sci-Fi, Touch I.D uses biometric technology to unlock your handset and authorize certain purchases made through the app store. It works by transcribing a high-resolution photograph of your finger into language that the internal, core processor can read. With this information, it deciphers if your fingerprint matches the one used to set up the Touch I.D. This is all done within a fraction of a second to allow you to access your mobile phone.

When you buy a refurbished phone, it can be a worry that this system may still be locked to the handsets previous owner. However, at Used Mobiles 4U, we ensure that our mobiles are of the highest grades and are delivered to our customers in as good as factory fresh and in perfect working condition.

Camera Upgrades

Offering users sharper, more balanced images, the iPhone 5S has an updated and upgraded camera system. With larger sensors and image processors built in, users can expect superior colour and light balance to the previous iPhones.

The front facing camera also went through a technological upgrade. With a newer back-illuminated sensor, your selfies on your refurbished iPhone 5S will always be a step above the rest.


So, although the iPhone 5S isn’t the newest iPhone in the pack, it’s a standout handset for its introduction of many, now iconic, iPhone fundamentals. Our refurbished phones are always Grade A+ to Grade B. so you can be assured that your refurbished iPhone 5S is in exceptional condition.