Will there be an affordable iPhone coming this year?

Will there be an affordable iPhone coming this year?

This year we are expected to get an affordable iPhone that is actually suited to everyone’s needs. We have been demanding an iPhone that is small enough to fit in your hand but still has got a long-life battery, a good processer and is affordable. This iPhone will be the called the SE 2 or the iPhone 9 which is the new version of the previous iPhone SE.

How much will it cost and when can I get one

From what we know this will be the cheapest iPhone on the market and we estimate that this iPhone will cost around £400 and should be realised at the start of spring but could be postponed because of recent world events. The only issue that we have seen is that the iPhone SE 2’s pricing is very similar to the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus. Apple should keep both of the phones on the market even though the iPhone SE 2 will be more powerful. 

The Design

The new iPhone SE 2 will look very similar to the iPhone 8. The screen will be very similar and there will also be a static home button with touch ID. With this old feature coming back it isn’t likely that Face ID won’t be a feature on this iPhone. Apple also seem to be using a steel polished body that is seen on the iPhone X, XS and the iPhone 11 Pro, instead of the anodised aluminium.

This is where the price might change. If Apples’ aim was to create an affordable, powerful, compact device, steel might not be the best idea. Especially when the price is compared to aluminium. The glass on the back of this iPhone could be frosted like on the iPhone 11 Pro which would be a nice touch to this new iPhone.

 Camera quality

One thing that we do know about the iPhone SE 2 is that it will only have one camera sensor. As the iPhone 8 only had one camera we can only assume that it will only have one rear camera, not the multiple cameras that we have seen on more recent iPhones. We are likely to see 4K video and a 12-megapixel sensor. However, it is rumoured Apple will upgrade the camera so you can take some great pictures.


If Apple is making a cheaper phone we won’t see any major processors as we have seen in the past. We can suggest that Apple are going to use the A13 Bionic processor inside the iPhone SE 2. This would still make it more powerful than the previous iPhone 8 and have the same power as the iPhone 11. This will then show the two differences for the iPhone 8 but then this will also show an increase in price. The iPhone SE 2 should then have 64GB storage and 3G of RAM.

So keep your eyes out for Apples’ cheapest iPhone on the market.