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iPhone 6s review


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iPhone 6s review

Unfortunately, you are not able to buy the iPhone 6s from Apple anymore. However, just like our site which sells second hand phones, you will be able to find the iPhone 6s. This iPhone is now considered a budget but is it still worth in getting this iPhone? In today’s blog, I am going to be reviewing the iPhone 6s and why you should buy one today.

How does it look?

On the outside of the iPhone 6s, you will find that it is very similar to the iPhone 6. This doesn’t mean that Apple has been lazy when it comes to designing the iPhone 6s. However,  the iPhone 6s has been mainly changed on the inside rather than the outside.

The only differences that you will see are that the phone is slightly thicker and heavier than the previous iPhone 6. The casing is made out of 7000 series aluminium which is one of the strongest materials that Apple have used. This is because, for whatever reason, some other models would bend so by using a stronger material was the right decision. For a second hand phone, however, this is a really well-designed phone.

The 3D Touch

One of the great features that you will find on the iPhone 6s is the 3D Touch technology. This technology is a very similar technology that you would find in the Apple Watch and in the Macbook tracking pad. At the time that the iPhone 6s has released the main function that you was in messaging. If you were sent a link through messaging you would be able to push the link to see a little preview of the website instead of taking you straight to the website.

For a second hand phone, this is a great of a bit of technology that you can have for an amazing price. You are able to get the same technology in the most recent iPhones.

What chipset does it have?

As you would expect Apple has upgraded the chipset of this iPhone from the previous iPhone. This iPhone has the A9 chipset which for a second hand phone isn’t a bad chipset to have. If you love watching videos, scrolling through your timeline and playing games on your phone, this is the perfect chipset for it.

Also because this phone has a four-core processor the phone’s battery also lasts alot longer than it has previously.

What is the camera like on the back of the phone?

On the rear of this phone, you will find a 12-megapixel camera that allows you to capture live images. The live images are a 1.5-second video that your iPhone 6 captures when you take a photo. You are able to see these live images work when you hold onto the image in you camera roll. For a second hand phone, this is an amazing camera that you are able to find on the iPhone 7 as well but just for a cheaper price.

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12 April 2024

Very pleased with my purchase

Purchased a phone from these guys a few years ago and was completely satisfied then so when it came to my latest requirement I thought I would return. The phone I wanted was out of stock for a few months but I was in no rush so I waited until one became available. I received it a few days ago and am completely happy with it. The condition is exactly as described, in fact it’s better than that in my opinion. Well done chaps, keep up the good work, I will certainly recommend you if someone should ask.


9 April 2024

Great customer service – highly recommend

Went back for a second purchase today as so impressed with customer service and products. Very prompt repair on warranty with no quibble. Would definitely recommend.


8 March 2024

Decent price delivered on time BUT when the iphone microphone was erratic I contacted Used Mobiles 4 U to arrange a replacement or refund. This is when they showed their excellence. Arranged return for MY convenience and sent through a postage QR for my ease. A real pleasure doing business with them – and I’m likely to again. Oh, and by the way, the new (used) phone works great…