Should you buy an iPhone 6s?

When you look at the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6s the basically look very identical but when you look at the inside of the phone you will find they are very different phones altogether. The iPhone 6s has been tweaked

and also added seven different features that have improved the phone from its predecessor. These features include a faster processor, higher-resolution camera, Live Photos and, most notably, 3D Touch screen technology. With all these features the iPhone 6s stands out from the iPhone 6. The question is though, should you buy one today?

The build quality

Looking at both phones side by side you would think that the iPhone 6s is an exact clone of the iPhone 6. Unless you choose the Rose Gold casing which wasn’t available if you wanted it on the iPhone 6. However, if you have had a hard long look at the iPhone 6s you will notice that the body is a little fatter and heavier than the iPhone 6. The body of the phone is also made from 7,000 series aluminium with a new glass panel uses a special ion-exchange process to help make it less susceptible to cracks and scratches. So if you drop your phone alot this could be the phone for you.

The display

Just like the iPhone 6, the iPhone 6s has the exact same screen. It has a  4.7in, 1,134×750 display wich personally is a great size screen and is exactly the same size as the iPhone 7. Even though some colours aren’t perfect like the reds and magentas it is a beautiful looking phone that could compete with any other Android flagships. With its resolution being 1,134×750 it can’t really compete with the new models of the iPhone but still has an amazing looking display.

The 3D Touch

One of the new and exciting features that the iPhone 6s has to offer is the 3D Touch. It is the same technology that is used in the Apple Watch, which was called Force Touch technology. You can also find this in the latest Macbooks. This technology allows you to press on the screen harder to be able to access the phones additional features. These features are mainly shortcuts so you are able to go to and from the home screen quickly, preview emails and more.

The Live Photos

Live photos are one of the new features that I mentioned earlier. This feature allows you to take photos that also takes a very short video. The phone records 1.5 seconds before you take a photo and 1.5 seconds after the photo has been taken. When you use the 3D-touch on the photo that you have taken the photo burst into life. This allows you to relive that moment when you were in the photo. When this was first released there was some issues but now the phone checks its sensors so that it won’t record video if you’re