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SAMSUNG Galaxy S8 PLUS: it’s bigger, but is it better?


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Refurbished Samsung Galaxy S8+

SAMSUNG Galaxy S8 PLUS: it’s bigger, but is it better?

With so many mobile phone models being brought out each year, you might be wondering if you need to opt for the most advanced model; perhaps the previous year’s edition at a knock-down price could suit you just fine?

The Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus isn’t Samsung’s newest phablet, but it is still one of the biggest and highest spec handsets around.

Tech experts and smartphone lovers alike have eagerly anticipated it. The S8 Plus is causing a storm thanks to the iconic and innovative Infinity Display.

But with so many phones available now and coming soon, choosing the right one for you can be a daunting task, even if you round it down to just the great ones. With a boasting, cutting-edge curved screen, the S8 Plus has finer details for you to work out whether this phone suits you.


The cameras are amazing, packing a fab 8-megapixel front-facing and a 12-megapixel dual-pixel rear; both cameras produce epic photo qualities in both day and night lighting. They also have several functions such as; Slow motion, selective focus, hyper-lapse, food and more.

Infinity Display

The 6.2-inch “infinity display” with curved edges makes it feel amazingly big when watching the latest videos or viewing your photos. It doesn’t have a physical button, which could be tricky to manage, but it vibrates with a touch, so you know when you are pressing the screen.


Although having the fingerprint scanning on the rear of the phone is a little cumbersome initially, the Samsung Galaxy S8 comes with five different security methods of unlocking, ranging from pins to patterns but also facial and iris recognition. The facial recognition works well at automatically opening within milliseconds of picking up the phone, saving time.


Samsung has transitioned away from plastic to a glass and metal build, and the Galaxy S8 presents the future of this design. Thanks to the switch to an 18.5:9 format, the removal of the home button and Samsung branding on the front, the phones that feel a lot smaller easier to handle.

Battery life

The company has played it safe with the battery capacity inside its new phones, in a bid to prevent any issues with the battery. Samsung has opted for a somewhat safe capacity of 3,500 mAh for the Galaxy S8 Plus.


The Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus has a few features above and beyond what you’d expect from a high-end phone. There’s Bixby for one; this is Samsung’s alternative to Google Assistant and Siri, so it’s an AI assistant in other words. There’s a dedicated button to launch it on the phone, and It’s better than it was when the S8 Plus first came out too, as it now sports full voice control.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus may be a few months old now, but it’s still one of the best phones you can buy, especially if you’re on the market for a phablet.

Samsung has set out to create more than just a phone. The S8 Plus definitely beats the android competition and suppresses the iPhones in terms of design, display quality, and features.


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12 April 2024

Very pleased with my purchase

Purchased a phone from these guys a few years ago and was completely satisfied then so when it came to my latest requirement I thought I would return. The phone I wanted was out of stock for a few months but I was in no rush so I waited until one became available. I received it a few days ago and am completely happy with it. The condition is exactly as described, in fact it’s better than that in my opinion. Well done chaps, keep up the good work, I will certainly recommend you if someone should ask.


9 April 2024

Great customer service – highly recommend

Went back for a second purchase today as so impressed with customer service and products. Very prompt repair on warranty with no quibble. Would definitely recommend.


8 March 2024

Decent price delivered on time BUT when the iphone microphone was erratic I contacted Used Mobiles 4 U to arrange a replacement or refund. This is when they showed their excellence. Arranged return for MY convenience and sent through a postage QR for my ease. A real pleasure doing business with them – and I’m likely to again. Oh, and by the way, the new (used) phone works great…